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The Walls Have Eyes by Clare B. Dunkle
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Sep 04, 09

4 stars

A vast improvement over the already decent first book in the series, the outer shell of "The Giver" is shed as Marten's story gains some definition. After the events in the first book, Marten discovers all is still not well in his distopia and has a difficult time trusting the allies he had met in the conclusion of the "The Sky Inside". Marten's temper and inquisitive nature leads him away from those who may help him as well as his sister and the other Wonder Babies.

With the help of Chip, his modified Dog-bot, who's handy little powers can get him clearance anywhere and get any other bot to do his will, Marten returns to his suburb to rescue his mother... he ends up confronting his father and discovering they are both in danger. While Marten and Chip are able to rescue them from assassins, and introduce them to the world outside, things still become dangerous and dire, and in the end the only thing that can ultimately save Marten and maybe the rest of the world he knows is the one thing he had hoped he would never lose.

The conclusion is appropriately heartbreaking, but what makes it bearable it that the decisions made are correct. With sacrifice comes resolution and while the loss tugs at your heart strings it really is the only way things could have gone.

This stands as a solid Science Fiction read for "tweens", teens and even adults. What we have here is a new take on "The boy and his dog" which remains classic and innocent at the heart. With that driving the story we are bound to care about Marten, Chip, his sister Cassie and the world they live in. Even Marten's parents who seemed cold (his father) and lovingly naive (his mother) respectively came through as something else given the comparisons this book draws from "The Giver". In fact I believe that I mentioned the lack of the Jonas/Giver relationship making the first book less powerful when I reviewed it. I really feel that Marten's relationship with Chip made up for the emotion to give a push in the right direction.

I am slightly saddened that this series turned out to be two books instead of three, but was satisfied with the conclusion.
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Aerin I was satisfied with the ending, but still sad about Chip. I know, we readers are so demanding, aren't we?

Jessikah I know, I think we are so used to trilogies also. I would have liked to spend another 300 pages with Marten and Chip... it broke my heart but it made sense.

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