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Thief of Lives by Barb Hendee
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Sep 12, 09

it was ok
bookshelves: couldn-t-finish
Read in September, 2009

After reading the reviews, I skipped the first book in this series. I'm glad I did, as the authors use every opportunity to rehash the events of the first book in the second. I only slogged through the first 6 chapters, and then gave up. Why? This novel reads like a high school fan fiction.

My primary problem was the characters. This is another book following the trend of telling the story from EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER'S point of view. And sadly, I enjoyed the inner monologues of the whiny 'villains' much more than the whiny protagonists. Lets start with Magiere. For a former con artist/current vampire slayer, she sure could use a kick in the pants. Frankly, I'm disappointed that a female author would portray a "strong" female character as she is. Magiere is a woman stuck in the worst PMS mode one could imagine. If she's not snapping at someone, she's responding with a scowl. She wants to run the premiere tavern in town, but she can't stand being around people. "I want you to lavish me with adoration, but leave me alone! I want to live a normal life, but don't you dare forget I'm half vampire! I have a special gift I'll rub your nose in, but I don't want to actually use it! I don't really understand numbers or math, cuz I'm just a girl, so go talk to my male business partner. But wait, how dare you go over my head when I own half this enterprise!" Seriously.

Then we have Leesil, who is written from the point of view of a 9 year old boy. "I'm a deadly assassin with really cool weapons, but what will my half-vamp love interest think of me if I actually behave with any sort of competance? If I really like-like a girl, I should be rude to her, right? Then feel guilty and go get drunk? Then feel guilty again? Sounds like a plan!"

For a couple of "hardened" con artists, Magiere and Leesil are idiots. The story, though I was only 100 pages in, was not compelling enough to have to suffer through 200 more pages of their inane inner drivel.
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