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Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell
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Jun 29, 08

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Read in June, 2008

Do not read this book if you are unemployed.

Do not read this book if you are homeless.

Do not read this book if you are worried about the tanking economy.

Do not read this book if you have no retirement savings.

Do not read this book if you don't like eating stale bread and margarine.

Do not read this book if you like eating in restaurants.

Do not read this book if you are sensitive to foul odors.

Do not read this book if you are one of those people who carries a hand-sanitizer at all times.

Do not read this book if you are an artist, writer, musician or other creative occupation which certainly guarantees brushes with poverty.

If you do read this book (which I highly recommend) make sure you have some bubble bath on hand as you will need a nice long well-perfumed soak afterwards.
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message 27: by W.B. (new)

W.B. Very original and entertaining review, Kimley!

Kimley Thanks Tracy and W.!

The review was inspired by the fact that the entire time I was reading it I kept thinking I really shouldn't be reading this right now...

Kimley Thanks Je ne sais quoi!

Definitely a book worth reading - just a bit unsettling considering the current economic climate.

Fortunately I like bread although preferably fresh with butter (from Europe) not margarine.

message 24: by Michael (last edited Jun 30, 2008 10:22AM) (new) - added it

Michael Wonderful review. I've been thinking of reading this for some time, being a fan of Orwell's style, and you've just prompted me to pick it up immediately. Thanks.

message 23: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Though I want to read this book after this review, I can't, as I am v. afraid about the economy and my retirement savings.. well.. we have a great new bed now.

good review, Kimley. :)

Kimley Thanks Michael & Kelly!

As with all things Orwellian, this book definitely veers dangerously towards the dark and depressing side, teetering on the abyss but again, as with all things Orwellian, there's an underlying humanity that makes you think OK, I'm not quite ready to give up on this wretched planet yet even if I'm not completely sure why.

message 21: by Todd (new) - rated it 4 stars

Todd I did not see your comments before starting to read this book, now i am afraid, and can see where you are going with this.

Kimley Well Todd, so sorry you weren't warned in time...

Orwell should always be approached with a bit of trepidation but it's well worth the read!

Just make sure you have that bubble bath on hand and you'll be fine.

message 19: by Todd (new) - rated it 4 stars

Todd ha yes, they are very dirty in the book so far

c.vance think you can only enjoy this book if you defy all your suggestions...
Eric Blair might have rolled a bit from that review.

message 17: by Kimley (last edited Mar 15, 2010 06:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kimley Ha! I'm rather enjoying the thought that Mr. Blair might get his knickers in a twist over my admittedly feeble attempt at black humor.

But aside from that we are in agreement. The review was in fact meant to screen out those who are the least bit squeamish. Those who know what it's like to get a bit of dirt under their nails would, I concur, be more likely to appreciate Orwell's bleak outlook.

message 16: by Scott (new) - added it

Scott Sheaffer Creative review Kimley. I'm tempted to pick this one up to feed the adventurous part of me that's usually hidden in a closet deep in the folds of my grey matter.

Kimley Thanks, Scott. I think this one will suit you just fine!

Jenniferdwalker I'm just finishing my PhD and I'm scared about getting a job afterwards. However, oddly this book made me feel grateful for everything I have and taught me not to take even the smallest luxuries for granted. I think it depends on whether your an optimist or a pessimist while reading this. Creative review though. :)

Andrew Great and creative review.

Ashland Mystery Oregon Orwell chose to experience poverty. How many are so fortunate?

message 11: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Brumback If you read his biography, you may appreciate that he did not necessarily choose poverty. However, as a recovering alcoholic, I can understand the feelings he described re the freedom from anxiety and fear once you have finally reached the bottom.

Rachel I would disagree, and say that if you are any of those things listed above all the more urgency to read this book!

message 9: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Brumback Well said.....

message 8: by Amaan (new) - added it

Amaan Ahmad I like the review! Intriguing... I wanna read the book ;)

Chalo I wish I had read this before I started reading.

Harry Kimley, it is very true! I cannot agree more with the do-nots put forward by you. I am still reading the book. Actually it is quite an interesting read. Thanks for your originality and humour!

message 5: by Cynthia (new) - added it

Cynthia Alice Who is Eric Blair please?

Harry Eric Blair is the real name of George Orwell. He wrote under the pseudonym of a George Orwell.

message 3: by Hung (new) - added it

Hung Pham Wonderful. Definitely read this book

James should have read your review before/instead of the book ;)

Natalie Carney These are all the reasons why you should read this book! Remove the 'not' from all these sentences.

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