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Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles
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Dec 10, 09

did not like it
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Read in October, 2009

This was a fairly quick read, as it was relatively short.

However, this book was fairly dull. No surprises, no new additions to the "teen gets pregnant and ruins her life" genre. It was incredibly drab and cliche in the characterization of teenagers as irresponsible when it comes to sex. If anything, that's what turned me off the most. It even angered me. Just what we need - another book like this about "these darn kids today".

I was quite disappointed, as the blurb had made it seem so much more than that. This could have been a more positive story with a more sex-positive and healthy attitude toward things.

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message 1: by Marita (new) - added it

Marita Hansen I've got this on my to-read list, so your review sparked my interest. A good percentage of teenagers are irresponsible with sex—it's reality, so this topic doesn't bother me. Where I used to live in one part of New Zealand, a very low socio-economic area in South Auckland, there were loads of teenage mothers. Though, it doesn't always ruin their lives, a relative of mine was even happy about her pregnancy, and in her case things worked out well (and is still going very well). So, was it just the irresponsible part that annoyed you? Because cliché is often reality. Or was it more the spin that the author put on the book that? That it was so predictable that you knew what was going to happen, thus dulling your enjoyment? I hate moralistic stories that shove positivity down my throat, I’d rather have reality, which is more positive in my opinion because it makes people more aware, more cautious. BUT, if a story is too predictable, then yeah, it’s not for me, and I understand where you’re coming from. Was it too predictable and you knew the ending before it happened? I have this problem with Hollywood films, I can tell my daughter what’s going to happen and she’s so surprised when it does. I find those films incredibly boring, which is why I avoid them and watch foreign ones instead, because they aren’t formulas and I can’t always guess the ending or direction the story is going. Have you watched “SKINS”? I loved that TV series (not the book, now that was BORING). Sorry for waffling on, looks like I’m avoiding work :) Still, what you said was interesting.

the golden witch. I have seen both versions of "Skins", yes. I rather liked both them.

As for this one, it's more like it was just another book about teenage cliches and it was incredibly insulting. It insinuated that the girl was immoral because she made a stupid choice.

message 3: by Marita (new) - added it

Marita Hansen the golden witch. wrote: "I have seen both versions of "Skins", yes. I rather liked both them.

As for this one, it's more like it was just another book about teenage cliches and it was incredibly insulting. It insinuated t..."

I've almost finished watching all of the British Skins (I've just started watching the final season/season 6). The US version didn't capture my interest.

I understand your reasoning, I don't like judgements about immorality being made either.

message 4: by Jodyann (new) - added it

Jodyann Hunter I agree with you 100% percent , I think it would have been more interesting if Corrine was the character to get pregnant because that would be the big surprise since she hasn't even had her first kiss yet

Ingrid they try to be responsible and wear a condom, it just breaks or falls off or something

Ashly Dow I skimmed the book. I thought the skeleton of the story was good, but where's the passion? the detail? it was quite boring. I agree with your review.

message 7: by Katie (new) - added it

Katie Shinault "Not even my mother can love me"

This quote stood out to me because I believe that everyone should have a mother or mother like figure to care for them and love them. If a person has done something so bad to whete their own mother can not love them then something has gone terribly wrong.

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