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A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer
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Sep 28, 2007

really liked it

This is a book about a child his name is David. He is telling about his life when he was young. He had three brothers and mom and a dad. His dad was a local firefighter and his mom was a stay at mom kind of person.
They had a really good life they went on vacations and had picnics.
He looked up to his dad and loved his mom very much. He use to been able to play with his brothers but his dad stared to not come home because of his job he had to stay there 24/7. So his mom started to take out her frustrations on David and not his brothers. She would starve him for a period of time the most she did was 10 days. She stabbed him on accident, made a gas room in her bathroom, she mixed Clorox and ammonia and then lock the door. When she starved him he would steel from school students and eat the cold lunch. One time he planned out how long it took to go to school, then he stool food from the local gas station. The school eventually found our hat he was getting beat and they sent him to juvie so he didn’t have to be with his mom.
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message 1: by Elke (new)

Elke more a summary than a review, and definitely should mention that it contains spoilers!

Taylor Pet I think although your review is more of just a summary of the book, you did a good job of stating what the book was about. This book really hit some strong emotions with me especially when the best they could do was send him to juvie. It really is hard to believe that this is a true story. Although others may beg to differ, and it even may not be true, it was an inspirational story about a huge problem in our world, child abuse. I hope that everyone who reads this book takes away a lesson like you and I have.

Jessica Lopez They didn't send him to juvie..?

Jeremy Fleming Yeah Elke, and not even a correct summary at that!

Zahara In my English class a few other students and I created a blog on the next two books in the series. If you`re interested, please check it out! I would appreciate any feedback.

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