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Love Is a Dog from Hell by Charles Bukowski
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Aug 30, 2009

it was ok
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Read in July, 2011

i used to enjoy bukowski far more than i do now--i only chose to read this to help in bumping my book count for july up to 20. despite this, he still appeals to me on some level. it's definitely not for the same reasons that i enjoyed reading him when i was in high school--i'm no longer in awe of his explicit masculinities, or the things that are perceived to be masculine, i.e. his overt references to sex and alcohol or even shitting. i've learned that you don't have to be a guy to talk about these things, although i am the recipient of some annoying opposition whenever i talk about my poops or whenever i burp. whatever, i do what i want.

i've always found, even when i considered myself a fan of his, that his best poems have nothing at all to do with sex. my favorites were never the ones where he effused about cocks and cunts and it's incredibly disappointing that you have to trawl through twenty shitty poems to get to one good one. most of the time it isn't worth it, and i generally only return to bukowski when i'm looking to increase my count in a short period of time.

that said, the best from this book are 'alone with everybody' and 'traffic signals' and the final poem 'one for the shoeshine man.' i wish ecco would publish a collection of all my favorite poems, aka all the good ones, because my taste is superior to everyone else's. it would be a slim volume but it would be much better than reading twenty shitty books to find maybe fifty decent poems.

also worth noting: i got some nasty tacko belle cheese sauce in this book. the more you know.jpeg.

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