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Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong
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Sep 28, 2007

really liked it

I did not read the Spanish version, though that's what seems to come up here... :)

Rather than a review, just posting some of my favorite quotes from the book to "preserve them".

"What it teaches is this: pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."

"Mortal illness, like most personal catastrophes, comes on suddenly. There's no great sense of foreboding, no premonition, you just wake up one morning and something's wrong in your lungs, or your liver, or your bones. But near-death cleared the decks, and what came after was a bright, sparkling awareness: time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action, and purpose."

"Suffering, I was beginning to think, was essential to a good life, and as inextricable from life as bliss. It's a great enhancer. It might last a minute, or a month, but eventually it subsides, and when it does, something else takes its place, and maybe that thing is a greater space. For happiness. Each time I encountered suffering, I believed that I grew, and further defined my capacities - not just my physical ones, but my interior ones as well, for contentment, friendship, or any other human experience."

"The real reward for pain is this: self-knowledge. If I quit, however, it would have lasted forever, that surrender, even the smallest act of giving up, would have stayed with me for the duration. When you feel like quitting, you have to ask yourself which you would rather live with."

"I'd lost races, health, and an old sense of self, and each loss had its own place in the scheme of life. Other losses, if they came, would have their places, too. There are certain inevitabilities. You will grow older. You will be forced to compromise in ways you never imagined and confront problems you thought you were immune to. You will find a job, and perhaps lose it. You will fight with your mate, shoulder unwanted responsibilities, and cope with rank unfairness. You can allow all of that to demoralize you. Or you can let it shape you, and trust that the shape will be more interesting because of it."
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