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Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares
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Aug 07, 2016

it was amazing
Read in January, 2007

If you are not familiar with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this is the last book in the series where four real close friends travel far away from each other but share one thing in common. They can all fit into these pants that look wonderful on each of them. This last book takes place after their first year of college and all of them face the fact that they are changing and what used to be home can no longer be called home.

The scenario of this book goes like this:
Bridget (the beautiful blonde, athletic type) goes to Turkey kind of randomly particpates in this dig. She finds that she loves to dig but also realizes that she makes the same mistake over and over. See she has this really great boyfriend Eric who also made plans for the entire summer. She was upset that they wouldn't be seeing each other and started to forget about him thinking she didn't love him anymore. What will Bridget learn about love in the end? Will she learn the hard way or the easy way?

Carmen (confident latina girl) has not been herself for a whole year, she has become invisible. Carmen somehow lost who she was and has been hiding behind Julia this popular actress who is a bad friend if you ask me. Carmen excludes herself from her friends and follows Julia to a drama camp, she isn't into acting but want to be with Julia and build sets. Carmen learns that friends are not supposed be happy when you are sad.

Tibby (timid and fragile) is invovled with a great guy named Brian. Because they love each other so much they took the relationship to the next level. Tibby freaks out because she might be pregnant. She becomes resentful towards Brian and pushes him away thinking that she never really loved him. What is the fate of Tibby and Brian? What does Tibby learn? Is she pregnant?

Lena (artistic and romantic) takes summer classes and intends to focus on art work all summer. However, she becomes very curious about a classmate of her's and feels like she is over Kostos. Is Lena capable of loving someone else though? She certainly is trying, what about Kostsos, he does appear in this book!

The friends all come together at the end because something has happened to the pants! The story ends but when you read it you can predict what will happen for each girl in the future, the author did a great job with this final book. I am sad the series has to end, but I felt it ended in a good way. Just Perfect.

I would reccommend this book for any girl or young woman who has great friends or who wants great friends!

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