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Atlantis Redeemed by Alyssa Day
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Atlantean warrior Brennan is cursed by Poseidon for his drinking and debauchery to have no emotions or feelings until he meets his soul mate. And then he will forget her each time she leaves his sight, until her death and then he will remember everything. For 2000 years Brennan has been emotionless and when he finally sees Tiernan, his feelings come rushing back and turn him into a raving lunatic who promptly attacks her and rips her blouse right off. He doesn't go any farther than that but she is scared to death yet easily capitulates and is glued to him from that point forward. It wasn't instant attraction (at least on her part) but there were sparks and a flame was definitely lit.

Tiernan Butler is a reporter who is working on the story of a lifetime: evil scientists are using mind control on the humans and shape-shifters to control the world. Surprisingly enough, it is the vampires who control the scientists. Brennan goes undercover as a reclusive billionaire who wants to donate money to the cause. Both Tiernan and Brennan are appalled at the actions of the scientists and are determined to destroy them and their experiments. This book has it all: werewolves, Atlantean warriors, reporters, vampires, evil scientists and enthralled shape-shifters. A truly great addition to the Warriors of Poseidon series.

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