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Eldest by Christopher Paolini
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Sep 28, 2007

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** SPOILER ALERT Again, same thing as Eragon. Paolini almost, almost comes into his own, until the very end, when the story finally collapses around Paolini. He makes the bad guy, Murtagh, Eragon's brother. Brothers fighting against each other. "You were my brother Anakin! I loved you!" Is that not all too familiar? I wonder if Murtagh will finally defeat Galbatorix by throwing him into a blue pit filled with electricity. Heck, everything else is parodied off of something else. I'll still read the Third book though, just to give it a rating and see what else Paoloini copies of off. And the bad thing is Paoloini has copyrighted everything he's written numerous times, over and over. He's literally fortified his books with copyrights, so that no one can do to him what he's done to other people.
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message 1: by Tommy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:03PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tommy Very true. One thing i do wonder about though is whether or not Paolini based Eragon off of himself AND Luke Skywalker. That would mean Eragon has dual-personality disorder, which would explain alot.

Charmaine It was so obvious from the first book that they were brothers!

message 3: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay hey! you need to hide your comment because it contains spoilers! you just spoiled the book for me...

Kerri Except that this book is not a parody at all. Paolini seems serious about everything he's writing and that's what's sad

Barely Breathing Banana I wonder if Paolinis ever read Starwars, or watched the movie, or had it told to him, or was reading a paragraph of a review on the bus or whatever, the resemblence is uncanny, either he wrote this book knowing that, but wrote it with awesome skills so it looked like an accident, (which would prove he has no imagination) Or the resemblance is accidental with awful writing skills (which means he has no writing skills and no imagination.) I choose the latter.

Morbid Thanks for the spoiler, guy.

Morbid Also, saying it's similar to Star Wars is like saying Lucas was even a good writer, have you even SEEN some of his scripts? Other writers had to come in and slap him, or else you might have characters called Darth Badguy or something ridiculous. Lucas had a good idea, but he was in no way a good writer, his ideas only grew because he had people to help him.

Chaotician That's very true. The original trilogy had many other writers to help him out, and that's why the dialogue is even barely passable. No one helped Lucas for the prequels, and it's obvious.

Barely Breathing Banana Charmaine wrote: "It was so obvious from the first book that they were brothers!"

RIGHT?!? when Murtaugh was kidnapped, I knew he joined Galbatorix. When Nasuada was kidnapped, I knew she and Murtaugh would get together. When Eragon was about to enter the cave, I knew he would find Eldunari and eggs. (plus so many more!!) I was kinda disappointed at the obviousness of the book. There was absolutely NO MYSTERY!! If not for my persistance, I would have put in down by the first chapter!

Stephanie Flowers What the heck?! Thanks for the not hidden spoiler!!! I'm never reading a freaking review again...

Stephanie Flowers Although, I suspected he would be back later in the story. But please hide your spoiler for the sake of others...

Chaotician If you genuinely didn't see that coming in the story you kinda deserve to have it spoiled. But fair enough, spoiler alert added.

message 13: by Chad (new)

Chad Warner Please wrap spoilers in spoiler tags. I just happened to scroll through the reviews and accidentally read the spoiler in your review.

Chaotician 1. It has SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of the review. Avert eyes when you read that.
2. Paolini's Inheritance Cycle or whatever bullcrap he's calling it is not good fiction or good writing. It doesn't deserve reverence, hence why I'm okay with spoiling it. Read it and you'll agree.
3. Eldest was released in 2005. It's been out 8 years, hardly new. Darth Vader is Luke's father. Rosebud is Kane's sled. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Big plot twists that have been around for a long time.
4. If you've read Eragon and you didn't see that coming, you deserve to have it spoiled. An intelligent, well-read fan of literature could have called that from 2 miles away.

Chaotician Besides YESTERDAY you wrote that you probably won't read Eldest. Sorry for spoiling a book you likely won't read, I guess?

message 16: by Ema Nekaf (new)

Ema Nekaf Everyone is saying that Paolini is too cliche, but most books are similar like this. A lot of books have heroes moulded from poverty into a great warrior of sorts. Remember that Paolini is only 16. Don't expect Shakespeare.

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