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The Sign by Raymond Khoury
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Aug 29, 2009

really liked it
Read in August, 2009

Clearly, I have not paid enough attention. His thesis, so to speak, is that US elections are based on profession of faith in God, and the blending of religiosity and politics is heading us down a very slippery slope. I am aware that the growing churches are the born again, fundamentalist, etc ones. Mainstream churches are losing ground, but he is really presenting some scary connections between God speak and the way our country is perceived. The rich white guy old boys club in a way, although how did I miss sarah palin reporting that she indeed thought the end times would occur in her lifetime...oh PLEASE!

Geez. I have stayed in some form of oblivion, likely since it drives me nuts that literal Biblical belief is gaining ground etc.....the 18 and growing duckers, or druckers or whatever there name is folks. I know I was appalled that there is a museum that actually is serious abuot preesnting a creationism belief......as if we determine how long God's days are and base it on our unfortunate belief that we know the mind of being.

New York Times bestselling author Raymond Khoury— whose debut novel, The Last Templar, has sold more than a million copies in the United States, and whose second, The Sanctuary, was also a major national bestseller—returns with The Sign. Like the first two, this new thriller combines gripping contemporary suspense with a high-concept mystery rooted in history, philosophy, religion, and science. And like those novels, it is bound for bestseller lists nationwide.

In Antarctica, a scientific expedition drops anchor for a live news feed. As the CNN journalist begins her report, a massive, shimmering sphere of light suddenly appears in the sky, enveloping the ship in luminous white light before disappearing as mysteriously as it arrived—the entire event witnessed by an incredulous world audience.

Meanwhile in a dusty bar in Egypt, a dozen men are lazily discussing the state of the world when the brilliant, glowing symbol on the television stops them cold. One man breaks out in a sweat, crosses himself repeatedly, and rushes out of the bar muttering the same phrase over and over again: It can’t be.

Across the Internet and around the globe, a stunning controversy threatens to consume the world: Has God finally decided to reveal himself? Or is something more sinister at hand? [close:]

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