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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
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Oct 08, 2009

really liked it
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I'd heard Dan Brown's writing was formulaic, and I was like, "What does that even mean???" Well, I know now. Ha! Great story though.

Oye. Funny thing about that book. I read a lot of books that, well... won't be winning Pulitzers any time soon... Many many that are super cheesy and ridiculous, including some really cheese-ola young adult and chick-lit books and romance novels... but I've never felt like I needed to create a "guilty-pleasures" bookshelf until now!!

It was so incredibly cheesy and predictable and contrived and the writing.... Every time Dan Brown introduced a new character, it was like the book stopped and Dan Brown appeared to introduce them, "Hello, reader! I've created a new character for you to meet: Sara. She's 5'5", medium build with very generous feminine curves, has shoulder-length brown hair which she wears in a ponytail 80% of the time, hazel eyes that are more green than brown, and is from Texas, but doesn't have a Southern accent because she's from a large city." I mean, seriously. Bad bad descriptions.

But I was so drawn in... I mean, GEEZ! It was inexcusable. I mean, I rolled my eyes a lot, but I couldn't put the dang thing down! AND I found myself yelling at the audiobook at a few points during the reading (in excitement, suspense, anger, frustration, etc.)

Oooh.. can I just say, I totally didn't guess who the bad guy was! I completely fell for the misdirection that I'm sure Dan Brown put in there on purpose.... I'm actually pretty disappointed in myself for not figuring that out! I mean, SERIOUSLY, Sara! Come on! But whatever. I have Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol audiobooks on hold from the library. Yep. It's true. *shakes her head in disbelief*

Anyway, all that being said, I have to take 1 star off for the formulaic, cheesy, predictable writing with awful descriptions. But it was a compelling story that I listened to over a 3-day period that I nearly decided to skip sleeping last night over. (Glad I got those 4 hours of sleep after all!)
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10/05/2009 page 1
6.25% "Started the audiobook in my car. It's interesting so far... I'm not very far into the thing yet..."
10/06/2009 page 3
18.75% "I know why people call this book "formulaic" now... It's fairly cheesy, but it's sucking me in!!! *sucking sound* What will happen????"
10/06/2009 page 4
25.0% "Oh geez... I just listened to 3 discs in a row... I have stuff to do!!"
10/07/2009 page 8
50.0% "The audiobook is slightly different than the text of the book! It's weird trying to read along! But whatever... I'm TOTALLY SUCKED IN!!!!"

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Misty "I completely fell for the misdirection that I'm sure Dan Brown put in there on purpose...."

Oh, my lord, he was slapping the reader in the face with it. He's so heavy-handed, and he needs to trust his reader more. I want to shake him.

Sara ♥ He sure did. I feel so stupid having fallen for it! But I haven't read a mystery since Nancy Drew, so I've fallen out of the habit of spotting the real bad guy. (How to you like my excuse of choice?)

He IS very heavy handed — you're right there! There were times where I was like, "Ummmm.... yeah, Dan. I'm not 5. I don't need you to explain every single step to me. Move on." But then, maybe people aren't as familiar with the Nicene Creed as I happen to be... (Which is sort of weird, actually, since I'm not Catholic... Hmmm...)

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