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The Slippery Year by Melanie Gideon
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Aug 28, 2009

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An interesting memoir of a normal American woman who is struggling with the realities of "happily ever after". This definitely would strike a bigger chord with women in the 35-50 age range with at least one child, but I definitely found a number of anecdotes funny and relatable.

Where I think Gideon loses some credibility is in her seeming need to assert herself as upper middle class over and over and over again--it reads a little insecure. I think she has a lot of universal truths that many women might ignore because they can't get over the fact that she used a whole chapter to talk about how she spent $3000 on a mattress. This is also a chapter that begins well by articulating a feeling that many women can relate to--that when you've been married for a long time that some days you feel like you're sleeping next to a relative. One has to wonder why Gideon abandons the exploration of that feeling and instead opts for the anecdote of trying to find a mattress that both she and her husband can enjoy.

I bought this book because of a fantastic interview I heard Gideon do with Diane Rehm on NPR and I have to say I enjoyed listening to her verbal articulation of her emotional struggle much more than I enjoyed the book. Definitely not the worst book ever, but I'd recommend getting it at the library rather than spending $25 on the hardcover.

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