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Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder
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Sep 01, 09

it was amazing
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The book Pretty Little Devils a group of girls called the PLDs short for Pretty Little Devils that get a girl named Hazel to join there group. With joining the group Hazel gets the same enemys the PLDs do such as the cheerleading squad, one member in particular Breona the cpatain of the cheerleading squad. Soon weird things start happening while the PLDs play a mean jokes on Hazel and scare her as part of her initiation murders start happening. Everyone is on edge and no one knows who to pin as the culprit and the murderer first it started out as small things like animals then it escaladed to Breona but it seemed like an accident, everything is pinned on the PLDs since the murderer is smart enough to kill all their enemies. In the end the murderer is captured or so everyone thinks, turns out the physco is still out there.
I give this a text-to-text connection because it's sort of like the Private series because no one knows who murdered Thomas Pierce until everything gets really crazy.With the PLDs the murderer mixed in the the murders with the pranks so it seemed inconvient, and they were enemies to the PLDs or certain members. In the Private series Ariana Osgood who is one of the Billings Girls is jealous of Reed because her fling boyfriend Thomas decided to go out with her. In her own twisted way she was satisfied when she killed him and the say ing keep your friends close and enemies closer applyed to her Reed and the Billings Girls, it all ended with her trying to kill Reed but was taken to an instiute... or so everyone thought.
I gave this book 5 stars because of the drama and i kept reading it over and over again. It also left me kind of confused but the confusion is like a to be continued episode of a show in my mind. Like all the books I gave 5 stars its a movie or a tv show in my mind. It's awsome and kind of funny in a twisted way.
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