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The Death Dealer by Heather Graham
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This book is actually 2.75 stars. Warning, this book references events in "Dead Room" which I didn't know anything about until someone mentioned to me that there was in fact a prequel. Who knew? It wasn't marked clearly enough for me.

Anyhoo, the constant referencing is probably there for people like me who didn't know and therefore didn't read the first book. So, each character character is affected by the events of the first book - it was a decent book but nothing to write home about.

The premise was interesting (a serial killer taking out Poe fans by using methods that Poe used in his stories) and the history was also interesting but this book is stilted by the fact that Joe and Gen were thrown together by a story that is alluded to but never experienced by the reader (i.e the constant exposition).

Gen and Joe are friends and Gen is love with Joe and Joe is in love with an idea. Joe sees dead people but no one knows why. Gen can see dead people and no one really know why.

I liked the characters as an outline. Meaning, if they had been more than just an idea of characters and had been fleshed out better, this book would have been able to actually reach its potential.

The characters moved a bit too fast in the romance direction but I did like and want them together but there were too many obstacles to overcome that surely could have been elaborated and explored through the course of the story.

Mainly, this is a decent book if you're by the beach and while I liked it the story is full of allusions, ghosts, promises that are never fulfilled (to the reader) and rushed.
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message 1: by Corina (new)

Corina Sounds like an interesting book, did you read the edge of death? (I think that's what its called,the one before this?

CJ -Doctor can you help me, 'cause somethin' don't feel right No, but it didn't have Leslie and Mark in that one - did it?

message 3: by Alissa (new) - added it

Alissa Cook I thank you for the "warning" that there is a novel I should read before this.. From what I've gathered, the series currently has seven installments, and well, considering I've read none yet, maybe I'll start with #1? Thanks again...

Amalia i wish i would of known about the other books.

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