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Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts
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Oct 30, 15

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bookshelves: romance, fantasy
Read in August, 2009

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Rating: 3.75/5 stars

Yes, I really enjoyed the Valley of Silence. It delivered in all the areas I wanted it to. The action was intense, the love was passionate. The story rocked.

Ok, down to earth, I will admit that there was a part that I was tad disappointed in. So disappointed that I thought to myself, "Geez Deanna, this is a bummer." I thought the joining of my two favorite characters would be richer and more fulfilling. "Damn." Let me tell you, dear reader, that the disappointment fled away quickly, well within a chapter or two. It went away with a big swoosh of a Dragon's wing!

It swooshed away as the dialogue between Moira and Cian became fabulous. Their verbal connections was filled with intense, lighthearted, honest, loving, passionate language. They kept the story moving as I loved all of their interactions...the dialogue most certainly enriched their partnership. They would let each other know what they were thinking even if meant a disagreement would ensue. They did not hold back.

Alright, alright...what about the story? Well, I was not sitting on the edge of my seat with worry as I had an idea of what would happen. They would kick some Vampire arse! Ahhh...but… I was slightly worried, truth be told. Would one of the six die? What would come of Cian? of Moira?

The ending, bittersweet with a few turns which twisted in my core. Yet, it was satisfying and complete.

Overall, The Circle trilogy was satisfying.

Overall, Valley of Silence was my favorite with the Dance of the Gods slightly behind. The characters developed and grew throughout the reading as did the story.


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