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Tapestry by Lynn Kurland
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Oct 14, 09

Read in October, 2009

I freely admit I am one of those people who only buy an anthology when it contains a story from a series I am reading. And I usually only read that particular story. This one was no exception, finishing off my Karen Marie Moning Highlander marathon. I will probably be going back when I start the Dark Hunter series, but for now, this is only based on the story Into The Dreaming.

Aedan MacKinnon, like most of Moning's heroes, is a centuries old Highland warrior. When the Dark Unseelie King offers Aedan a choice - imprisonment for five years or the destruction of his clan - Aedan surrenders his freedom. The catch is, it was five Fae years, or 500 human years, to be spent in a frozen hellish wasteland. And over the many years, Aedan looses not only his memories, but his very humanity. He is molded into Vengeance, the Dark King's greatest weapon. Unbeknown to Aedan, he has but one chance for escape. At the end of his 500 years imprisonment, Aedan will be returned to his former home for one full month. In that time, if he cannot find true love, he will be returned to his barren existence as Vengeance. If he does find love, he will be free forever. But how will this broken man find love when he does not even know what it is...

The Dark King's nemesis, the Seelie Queen, hears of the King's machinations, and sets in motion a plan of her own. She connects Aedan, in his dreams, with his mate. She just happens to be in modern day Indiana. For as long as she can remember, Jane has dreamt of Aedan. As both her friend and her lover, she has known him forever. While she thinks she must be insane, she knows that he is her perfect match. And when she wakes up in the 1400's in Scotland, with her dream man nearby, things seem perfect. Except not only does he have no memory of her, he has no memory of anything of this world. And Jane only has a month to change the killer she sees into the man of her dreams before he is lost to her forever.

Now, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to anthologes. I just find that they are not enough. Not long enough or developed enough, and this one is no exception. It had a great storyline, and lots of potential. Good characters, too. But just not enough time or space to develop them like they deserve. This one really would have been well served as a full length story. As it is, it was more of a tease about what could have been. For example, while you can feel that Jane does love Aedan, his turn around is so abrupt that when all of a sudden he realizes that he does love her, the story is over. And, another small nitpick is that while it is a Highlander story, there is no connection with any of the other characters in the series, and I missed them. So, while I am sad to be finished the series, I could have missed this one without loosing anything. It is still my hope that Ms. Moning will return to this world, and soon.


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message 1: by Ally72 (new)

Ally72 Hi Kaleigha,
I haven't read the anthology yet and I also have a hard time getting into them. I just love the Highlander books! Karen Moning is a brillant writer and she creates such a wonderful world. Have you read the "Fever" series yet? I think I love that one as much (if not more) than the "Highlander" series! Each of the books end on such cliffhangers that I kind of wished I would have waited and read them all at the same time after the final one comes out.

Kaleigha Hey Ally...

I have been giving myself a talking to about the Fae series. I have the first one, but a first person pov puts me off. I figure I will give it a try, and see how it goes. Thanks for the recommend...


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