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A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
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Aug 23, 09

Read in August, 2009

** spoiler alert ** I don't like the fact that people are comparing this book with "the kite runner" - I hate such comparison between the books by the same author and I don't see the point in that.
At the middle of the book I started being really addicted to the story and characters. The setting is brilliantly done and described, but the characters are missing some depth until the middle (until mariam and layla start really developing their destinies). however, the pain and suffering are somehow vague and only descriptive, and I tend to believe it is because the author is a man who basically cannot feel what such women felt and experienced (and still women suffer the similar treatment) - he can only describe it to some extent and since Hosseini is a great storyteller, he manages quite well. Since the topic is heavy and painful, I expected more, but found another "article' about women's sufferings in the Islam seen by the man's eyes (and very aware and truth-seeing eyes - just to add).
however, I think this book is very important and should be read throughout the whole world, especially parts of it having no idea about the treatment of women, but on the other hand in countries having this "practice" so it can entice women to write about it. the deepest and darkest moment was when mariam was killed, which finishes with something like 'and for the last time, mariam did what she was told to do".
and the sense of hopelessness and having no choice and living each day in sufferings and brutality. but, we see that there is always a choice.
happy ending (if we can call it a happy ending) is only set to make us feel better and believe that there are options. unfortunately, reality is completely different.
I finished reading the book the same day I read this article

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