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Flight by Sherman Alexie
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Sep 26, 07

Recommended for: anyone who likes crying in public places
Read in September, 2007

I really liked this book a lot. It made me cry on the subway. This is the official review I wrote of it:

In Flight Sherman Alexie’s message is that everything is perspective, and it’s delivered in an original, moving, hilarious and intensely persuasive way.

Flight shocks its readers by presenting extremely sympathetic characters, who then do horrendous things. Zits, a half white, half Native 15 year-old orphan, has been abused and neglected most of his life. Moments after committing a shocking act of violence, he is sucked through time. He stops five times – during Native civil rights struggles in 1970’s America, on the battlefield at Custer’s Last Stand – and each time he witnesses why people make decisions to do both terrible and benevolent things.

Like Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, Flight uses time travel to disturb how we see political events, showing that past horrors are actually ongoing, and offering the chance to redo and undo – which as nations and people, we really need.
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Timothy i don't know you but i had to comment -- because i love crying in public places! particularly on public transit. so far Jamaica Kincaid's My Brother has been the most useful book ever for this, but your review has persuaded me that this book might surpass it.

Julia You should also try Kindred by Octavia Butler that Thea mentions in her review. I taught that this year and cried while reading it aloud. (Really freaked out my students!)

Christi I have to say I like your review better than I liked the book. I did like the book, but I didn't feel emotionally tied up in it like it sounds like you (and others) were. Hmmmm.

John It made me cry on the subway.

Me too! I was tearing up in the 5 train this morning during rush hour as I read the last few pages. I've never done that before.

Jonathan I'm not a sucker for sentimental crescendo, so that's not what got me. What did get me crying in the last few pages? Officer Dave, the overflowing bathtub... I'll say no more so as not to spoil. As the scene unfolded, I was shouting at the author, "Don't go there! Don't go there! Not..." Alexie went there. wow told you thea that was a good book in also funny at the same time tell me how came he counting the zit to he's face that so crazzy right

Damon Solid book, solid review. As usual with Goodreads, the best strategy for approaching reader feedback is to skip directly to the second-highest voted review on the page-- in this case, yours-- because it is often the more honest, being able to appreciate a story for the sum of its parts, rather than nit-picking it apart in order to support a flagrant personal bias (for shame, Colin!) Thank you!

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