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Ghost by John Ringo
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Sep 26, 07

Recommended for: likes mack bolan, punisher
Read in September, 2007

General Outline:
Mike Harmon is a "retired" Seal that has a mind as battered as his body. One day while "practice" stalking one of the coeds at the college campus he is taking classes at he wittnesses an abduction and follows the girl and the terroists from the U.S.A to Syria where he finds a group planning to torture the girl and others like her to make the United States pull out. He foils the plot and returns to to the United States a rich man and has two more (very strange) adventures.
As the title says the first part of this book is the normal shootem up adventure you get from this author and it moves very well even if the hero is a little dark (think needs to be in a jail somewhere away from anyone female, if not blowing things up)he gets the job done, saves the girls and takes out the terroists. If the book had drawn out the one encounter then the book would have been much better. Instead once you hit page 211 or so your in for a adult fiction (think a light 9 1/2 weeks the chacter references) story that is a bit dark then you hit page 354 or so and Mike is blowing things up again. Hit the third story all is good until Mike finds a brothel/slavery and the darn bondage/adult stuff rears its dark, mishapen head again and you got another 20 or 30 pages to slog through before you get back to the adventure story again. This book (and the author) like a lot lately for some reason seem to think that if there isn't a story you can cover it up with lots of blood and over the top sex to make up for it. No not really, in Scifi/Adventure. The book gets three stars because when there is a story its pretty good, its just takes awhile to get

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