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Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
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Aug 21, 2009

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Read in August, 2009

Perseverance pays off, especially when reading this series. After I completed Dead Until Dark, I was hesitant to continue on with the second installment. However, I had made a promise to a friend to stick it out, and I had already purchased the book, so I got comfortable and braced myself for the impending doom. At first, my fears were realized. Sookie was still dingy, annoying, and cried at least four times in the first 30 pages. My outlook was grim, but I prevailed on in hopes that the small glimpse of Eric provided within the first few chapters would escalate into a consistent presence and that Dallas would prove to be a more intriguing setting than Bon Temps. I got my wish.

Living Dead in Dallas was a drastic improvement over its predecessor for a few reasons. First, Sookie was much less grating in this installment. She is still prone to emotional breakdowns (crying), false and borderline obnoxious displays of sarcasm, bravado and wit. Moreover, she is unfortunately still attached to the creepy and condescending Bill Compton. However, I admire her ability to stand her ground against the supernatural forces that surround her and she can be funny at times, though I tend to laugh at her as opposed to laughing with her. If she could only refrain from mentioning her boobs and long blonde hair, I just might be able to stand her.

Second, Harris must have recognized what a gem she had in Eric as he has a commanding presence and quite a large role in Living Dead in Dallas. He continues to steal every scene he is in and is worth reading this series for. He is absolutely hilarious and sultry and just all together drool worthy. His only flaw being that he, like every other guy in this series, is lusting after Sookie.

Lastly, the plot improved by leaps and bounds, though it is still lacking. I was kinda bored with the mainstreaming vampires in Dead Until Dark. I like my supernatural beings to cause a little mayhem, not rely on insane humans to create their havoc for them. Harris didn’t disappoint. In addition to Vampires, readers are introduced to Shape shifters, Werewolves and a Maenad. Throw in a cult of radical Vampire haters and a few Bon Tempers with uh; eclectic tastes and you’ve got Living Dead in Dallas. I am now looking forward to see what Sookie is in for next. I’m crossing my fingers that it has something to do with Eric ,that Bill will meet an unfortunate end, and that Sookie will develop a personality outside of her primal urges, breasts, and hair.

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Tatiana Wow! Almost a rave review. Thank god! *sigh of relief*

Heather LOL. I really did enjoy this one. Much better story and more Eric!

Tatiana Just remember shower in book 4, that will help you cope with whatever happens in book 3:)

Heather Why, does Eric go away in book 3?!

Tatiana No, not really, don't worry. Just something to look forward to.

Heather Oh, thank Gawd, don't scare me like that, lol.

I just love Eric.

Amberjade Reading your review was better than reading the book. It is so annoying reading Sookie's boobs this and hair that. So in my head, I just make her look different and less annoying, ha.

message 8: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I put this down after a couple of pages but you just inspired me to give it another shot.

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