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I Romanced the Stone by Marvin D. Wilson
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Sep 26, 2007

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
Recommended for: Anyone fooling around with dangerous drugs or anyone who knows someone like that
Read in August, 2006

When you think of a crack-head, what kind of picture comes to mind? A stupid teenager, with little, or no education? A prostitute? A smack-talking, ghetto-born African-American? Or, maybe, a misfit Caucasion dropout, from a broken home, with an alcoholic, abusive, absentee father? Crack-heads are street-walking, panhandling, hustling, poorly dressed, teeth missing, gaunt, thin, useless, and dangerous looking kinds of people, that you'd never invite over to dinner, right?

Well, guess again, because the author of these memoirs is an educated, articulate and thoughtful, formerly successful family and businessman, a grandfather, who owns expensive suits, always knows how to appear well groomed, and knows which fork is used when, at the gourmet banquets of the upper middle class. "I Romanced the Stone" observes, discusses, and exposes fundamental tendencies of addiction in our society, and weaves these general themes throughout the personal story of the author's journey.

The reader comes to understand that drug addiction is not some exclusive disease of the poor, or the uneducated, or the social castaways of our world; it is an insatiable and insidious ghost, shadowing anyone, of any walk of life, from any economic or social environment. It can appear as a false god, "the good life", and then devour you as "the grim reaper" is revealed bewilderingly to you, as your new slave master.

The book tells how the author was rehabilitated, cured, and had his life and soul spared, through love and help from family, and most significantly, through a powerful spiritual experience. It is an inspiring, yet fearsomely awesome story, sending a message of hope, and advisement.

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