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Animal Farm by George Orwell
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Aug 20, 09

it was ok
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faeriemyst Glad you appeared to not like this too. I hated the darned thing when I read it. I'd only give it one star because I can't give negative. :P

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) The only reason I gave it two stars instead of just one (which was my first instinct) was because I read it so darn long ago and I figured I should give it the benefit of the doubt: perhaps memory is clouding my judgment. Not likely, but I'm trying to be fair. I wish they did have negative star ratings; I hated giving Twilight even just one star. :P

faeriemyst Well I read it circa 1998 and still remember the loathing I felt after it was all done. I got the book but I don't know, I just wasn't real impressed. Yes, I know your feelings quite clearly about Twilight. :D In fact, the more I read about it online, the more I'm glad I didn't get past those 200 pages, because I know I would have the same loathing and hatred that you and others have. I'm perfectly fine never reading it or it's sequels ever. Here's link for you, I thought it was pretty darn funny. ;P

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) I hate to come off as a harpy about Twilight, so I try to keep my hatemongering to a minimum. Unfortunately, it still breaks through every once in a while. :P BTW thanks for the link! LMAO A fabulous article. :)

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