Zodiac by Neal Stephenson
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Aug 18, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: literature, politics
Read in August, 2009

Ok, I'm now a died-in-the-wool (whatever that means) Stephenson enthusiast. According to Goodreads, there're 14 editions of this - so it must be popular. Lardy how I HATE liking popular things! Nonetheless, I like it. Yeah, yeah, Stephenson's sortof a cross between Pynchon & Robert Anton Wilson - I reckon w/ some Rudy Rucker tossed in. There's plenty of murder & mayhem in here to suck in yr average thrill-seeker but there's also enuf precocious exposing of ecoactivists being labelled 'terrrorists' by the omnipresent unscrupulous to earn this a high rating. The protaganist is yet-another classic superhero slob - a role model for public-good-minded psychopaths (like myself). Basically, I cd've hardly rooted for him more. Now it's time to get back to LIVING like these characters instead of just getting off on reading about them.

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