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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
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** spoiler alert ** This was just terrible...

I picked up this book because I heard about the movie and wanted to read the book first. From the movie previews, I assumed it would be really cool in that she would be helping her dad to solve her murder.


Not at all.

This book as no plot whatsoever. It kind of has a plot for a second here and there where you think that maybe it'll be trying to solve her murder, and then later on, catch her murder.

But no, this is literally a bunch of mumble jumble. It has no where to go and just ends because it ended. Very strange and not a fan.

I gave it the extra star because it did keep me wondering if it was going anywhere so it was pretty easy to read and finish, I didn't drag through it like some books.

But overall, this was really a waste of time. Nothing was resolved.

On another note - being a Christian - I think that the portray of heaven was just really sad. We get whatever EARTHLY things we want? That's not what heaven is about, come on. I kind of believe that those in heaven can look down on us, but I don't think that the people in heaven can make flowers grow and prevent people from dying. Only God can do that. I just wanted to put that out there that the view of heaven is just pathetic and really very sad if that's what you think heaven will be.

Also, I think that the beginning part where she is raped could have just been a little less detailed. I don't really want to know the details, it's really disturbing. They could have cut away and then we would have known, and assumed what happened, without it getting into like that.

But oh well, this was bad. I don't recommend it at all. Total waste of time...

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