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The Cold Minds by Kristin Landon
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This book is a continuation of the first book and if you are dying to know the plot you should read the back of the book and my previous review of the first book.

Moving on, the characters are slowly but surely growing but what bugs me is that there is very little, almost no, communication between the two - so how can they be together, yet alone love each other, is beyond me. Their relationship is realistic enough that even though they are unsure of each other and their emotions, they gravitate toward one another even if they have been away for several months - so again, just like the first book, there is something promising here; a rekindling of what once was lost.

There are a lot of themes in this book; family being the biggest - what is like to be born into a family and what it is like to choose your family, loyalty - to have and to have lost and hope - how to reach for and give up. Linnea and Iain have been through a lot and they have a lot more to go through but at least by the end of the book they are slowly growing together.

This is not a romance as you think it might be. There are romantic themes but these people are damaged. Imagine two SVU victims, or Criminal Minds victims, that were abused by the same people but somehow find genuine feelings for each other and how they grow out of their pain and fear and toward embracing their feelings. Grim, bleak and stark this book is a stripped despairing version of Linnea Sinclair's awesome books and just a touch of Sheri S. Tepper's arguments against a patriarchal and destructive society.
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