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The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
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Aug 18, 2009

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Okay, so I loved this book, it's one of those books for me, that when you've read the synopsis, you are hooked and you just have to read it, it refuses to be ignored. I knew of Kelley Armstrong, because i've seen her adult series in the book shops numerous times, so when she announced that she was releasing a Young Adult series, I was too excited for words. Plus, that synopsis is just craziness, in the manner in which it manages to draw you in and entice you.

Imagine getting your period, I know *sigh*, it's bad enough right?! but what if when you got your first period, you start seeing ghosts in your school. If thats not super scary, then seriously, what happened to you when you got your period?! Then, just when you get over the fact that you've just started seeing random ghosts in your school, your told your crazy and get sent to Lyle House, an institution for troubled kids. Yeah, I can pretty much imagine that wouldn't be very pleasant. But, in Lyle House, there is a group of misfits, all with weird and strange abilities, abilities that the workers deny they have and give them a one way ticket to crazy land.

Kelley manages to make Lyle House seem real, like it's another character in the book, just as real as Simon, the cutie or Derek, the obnoxious and weird beefy guy who keeps on looking at Chloe funny, or even the horrible and probably clinically insane Tori. I loved how she wove all of the characters into the tale, so it didn't seem like any of them was there to fill up some pages, they were there for a reason. Many of the reasons are not revealed, but thats to be expected in a first of a series.

I found Chloe as a character to be really relatable, she worried about things that she could't possibly control, she cared about the other kids in the home. She is convinced she is a schizophrenic, but Derek has other ideas, he thinks she's a necromancer, someone who is able to communicate with the dead. I loved how she found this notion to be ridiculous and was determined to get better, stubborn to believe something that can't be explained.

The beginning of the novel did move a little slow plotwise, but I think this was because Kelley was easing the readers into the story, and introducing us to all the characters and setting the foundations for an amazing story. I think if it would have been fast paced right from the beginning, I wouldn't have felt as connected to the characters, because I needed that pacing to get to know them and try and understand their motives.

Derek, oh Derek. I love this guy, and he's not even very nice. He's moody and really strange and generally freaks me out a little, but regardless, he has got to be my favourite secondary character. Plus, he has a trait that makes me love him like I don't know what. I hope that wasn't too spoilery.

This was a brilliant start to a series, it was full of suspense, action and twists and turns that even I couldn't figure out, and I have some freaky ability to predict book plots, but I was never right with this one. Also, I've read the sequel which is just as amazing, and I cannot wait of book three. I highly recommend this one.

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