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Doppelganger by Marie Brennan
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Aug 20, 2009

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So I read this book because a friend had lent me the second one in the series, and she usually gives me pretty good stuff, so I went searching for the first one in the library.

The nice thing about this book is that it is a fantasy novel with a fresh, new concept, interesting social structure, and not a bad magic system, had no annoying stereotypes (that I can think of offhand), and I hadn't felt like I'd already read it a million times before. And while the writing style was such that I pretty much knew what would happen and nothing was much of a surprise, the concept was pretty interesting, and I enjoyed reading it. Basic concept - a witch can't come to full power until she kills her doppleganger. But this particular witch's doppleganger is a bad-ass assassin. And there's some political machinations going on, but nobody is really sure what they are or who's doing them.

Overall, I liked it. Not to the point where I'm salivating for the second one, but I will read it. I thought the concept was interesting - enough so that I would stay up late reading instead of going to bed. And yet, it wasn't with that avid excitement you sometimes get when you just can't put it down.

I guess I could describe my reaction somewhat like my reaction to Jurassic Park - I thought the concept was pretty interesting and all, but the writing style just didn't get me fired up. In Michael Chrichton's (sp??) case, I was bored to DEATH with his writing style - the same for Stephen King. I basically like the movie versions of their works better. With Doppleganger, it wasn't to that extreme - I certainly wasn't bored or annoyed with the writing style - just not very excited.

Long story short - I enjoyed it, and it was definitely worth my time, and I will read the rest of the series because the concept is interesting and the characters are likeable. But if I really want to get excited I'll read some Eyeshield 21 or the 4th book in the Nightrunner series.

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