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Tee'd Off by J.M. Snyder
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Aug 15, 2009

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This is a rather cute story about second chances with your first crush. With trademark humor and descriptions, Snyder has delivered a fun, enjoyable, and enticing story that elevates itself above forgettable with engaging characters and solid writing. The second in the “Playing the Field” series, this story focuses on golf and all the fun, sexy double entendres that come from talk of balls, wood, and clubs. No wonder the sport is so popular with men.

Told from Greg’s perspective, it’s easy to see where the relaxed golf pro gets flustered with the confident grown up version of the awkward “Junior” he once knew. Greg has a laid back look at life and seems to take or leave relationships. Focused on his work and not interested in short term vacationers to scratch an itch, the confused feelings he suddenly has towards Trey throw him off base. Greg persists on confusing the sexy, aggressive man before him with the image of a younger Trey on the cusp of puberty holding a crush on the older boy working for his father. This repeated confusion causes Greg to make some significant mistakes with Trey and then he has to work even harder to try to make up lost ground.

Thankfully Trey doesn’t let Greg off too easily for his mistakes, but his interest in the older man is clear. Trey’s confident and sexy personality is magnetic and the connection between him and Greg sparks from the beginning. Although Trey is just there for the weekend, the implication for more is clear and these two captured my interest enough to want to see more in the future. Trey’s long-standing crush on Greg made him likable and gave a small sense of insecurity to the normally suave man. The final resolution was sexy and hot with a touch of humor that ended the story on a great note.

If there are any problems it’s that the language occasionally feels repetitive from one book to the next with this author. Certain descriptions and phrases stand out as slightly too similar, but certainly do not detract from the enjoyment of the story. Snyder’s creative imagination and great characters always deliver a fun story with a great setting. The clear detail had me easily imagining the golf course and it’s lush green fairways with the sun on my face. Perfect for an afternoon read, this enjoyable story easily delivers.

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