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Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar
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Aug 16, 09

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Read in August, 2009

The thing is, this was actually a good story ~ I liked the ideas, the history, and some of the characters. Had this story been written better and perhaps organized a little differenlty, it could have easily been a captivating series of two or three books. But the writing was awful!!! Really, really, awful. It's a shame.

Before starting Lonely Werewolf Girl, I read a few reviews on Goodreads and found it curious that so many people said this book read like a first draft, or that it needed a better editor. I mean, how can you tell? But the more I read, the more I understood. As many people have pointed out, this book is insanely redundant. So much time is wasted describing scenes, emotions, actions that have already described. Towards the end, I skimmed much more than I actually read.

In addition to the poor writing,the pacing was off. Many of the chapters are incredibly short (only a page or two) and end on a cliffhanger. At first it did inspire me to read on... but after 500+ really long pages that technique grew old fast. The more engrossed the reader becomes in a story, the author should reward the reader with longer passages, right? Instead, even at the climax of the story the reader is forced to suffer action that jumps back and forth between multiple story lines and points of view. Bad, bad, bad. Really bad.

As many others have mentioned, the characters are not likeable or even easy to sympathize with. In the hands of a better writer, this wouldn't be as much of an issue. But to read a poorly written book with unlikeable characters ~ I just feel like I was cheated twice. We don't know anyone's true motivation for feelings, thoughts, or actions. All of the characters are very two dimensional. There is very little growth or self-reflection; the bad guys remain bad guys throughout and the good guys always make the right choices. We always know what each character feels because Millar tells us what that character is feeling. Which is a pet peeve of mine. Shouldn't a talented writer be able to let the reader know how the character is feeling though that character's thoughts, words and actions? If Kalix wears old, torn black clothes, starves herself, cuts herself, and takes enough drugs/alcohol to pass out every time she is stressed... do I really need Millar to mention how depressed and hopeless she feels? No. And I really don't need him to tell me over and over again.

It took me about 3 weeks to get through this mess. Most books I finish in a few days at most. Ugh. Millar may be endorsed my Neil Gaiman, but I will never waste time on any crap he spews ever again.
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message 1: by Kim (new) - rated it 1 star

Kim Just really really badly written. Painful to slog through.

Megan Neil Gaiman's rec was the only reason I stayed with it till the end. It's a shame, this could have been so much better.

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