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Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard
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Oct 14, 13

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"And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him."- Genesis 4:8

Setting:Washington D.C.; 2013

Coverly Love:Yes! I love the mysteriousness of it.

Plot:Dahmer. Bundy. Gein. Gacy. Ripper. All of these names are so familiar to us; names that we have been taught to fear and revile. Some of the most infamous serial killers in history. So what would happen if the government decided to clone them and use them as bioweapons? And what would happen if some of them escaped?

First of all, I want to know what the hell the author was thinking when he came up with this idea. I mean, cloning serial killers....

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Seriously, this is probably the most crazy and disturbing idea for a book I have ever heard about. And hopefully nobody reads this book and plans to carry out the idea. Because if that happens, it's bye bye for me.

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Enough of that though. On to the actual plot. This book follows a sixteen year old boy named Jeff Jacobson, who is actually a clone of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. He and a Special Forces agent Sean Castillo must work together to catch escaped clones before they strike. The author did an OK job with the plot (more on that later), but it could have been better.

Characters:Jeff Jacobson is the main clone character here. At the beginning, he thinks he is just a typical teenage boy, until he finds out that his father the main scientist and mastermind behind the whole Project Cain, and that he himself is a clone of Jeffrey Dahmer. He's likable enough, though in my opinion we don't get the true side of him. In all honesty, he was kind of bleh. If I'm being perfectly honest with myself, all of the characters seemed kind of bleh and flat.

Pros:This book was infinitely better than it's adult companion novel, which was horrifically awful.The concept is certainly original, and I love mysteries and psychological fiction that examines the concept of the human mind. And if executed right, this could have been a truly frightening read.

Cons:This book is marketed as a mystery, but there was actually very little mystery in the book at all. It was mostly just a spouting of facts about serial killers. Not that I mind that, but I think that the author got a wee bit carried away with information. And I didn't like the random sentences that had nothing to do with the actual story that were inserted. I felt it was unnecessary.

Love Triangle?:Nope!


A Little Romance?:Nope!

Conclusion:Even though the mystery part of the book fell really flat and the characterization could have been better, this was still a good read. If you like reading about serial killers and about dark subjects in general, this is the book for you.

Read This!:If you want a book that focuses more on the mystery part, I would strongly, STRONGLY recommend the I Hunt Killers series by Barry Lyga. This series does an amazing job at examining the relationship between a child and their serial killer father.

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