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Dreams of the Dead by Christopher Golden
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Aug 14, 2009

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A very well-written novel that incorporates the Japanese culture and a very typical and ordinary horror story. Though the horror story was derived from the Japanese culture - the many demons that the Japanese believe in.

The one thing that took me so long to read this novel was the extremely slow pace that it had. I have to admit, at first, it seemed extremely suspenseful but as time progressed and the plot just kept getting prolonged, it just made me extremely weary of the plot. And the ending was too rushed to be enjoyable. If the whole thing had moved faster, then the ending would have served a better purpose.

Another thing I noticed was the author's intensive research on the Japanese culture. He gave lessons on how the Japanese acted and their culture and custom that it seemed as if it was a whole other subplot separate from the supposedly horror plot. I mean, it was really well-written and very informative but it wasn't necessary - at least, all the many details weren't necessary.

The characters were not so in-depth. They lacked a lot of characteristics and it seemed as if the author just skimmed the surface of their personality. There were a lot of details about them but it seemed so repetitive that it felt as if the author was repeating the same characteristics over and over again.

Overall, The Waking: Dreams of the Dead was an intriguing novel that really has some eerily creepy scenes that will entice readers but be prepared for the slow plot and the many Japanese lessons on behavior and culture.

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