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Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson
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Aug 12, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: m-m, futuristic, romance

Are you a big fan of sci-fi? Do you love to read about gadgets and technologically advanced machinery? Are you interested in books which contain aliens and their impact on our society in the future? If you are can I gently suggest that you stay right away from this book because it may make you a tad annoyed. Broken Boundaries is Evangeline Anderson at her finest. It's a gloriously over-the-top piece of high space camp that will appeal to those who love EA and are willing to set aside all pretense at a believable plot and hang on for a great ride. All her favourite plot devices are here: Straight to gay; gay for you; dubious sexual consent; public sex; fast pacing; oodles of sexual tension and evil villains. All this and lobster shaped aliens who are trying to take over the Earth. What more could a m/m reader want? Except, perhaps, fantastically hot sex scenes - and, guess what, there's that as well.

The story begins when we meet our hero, Chaz, who is newly arrived at the lunar station to train to be a 'needle' gunner. The needle is a technologically advanced space-craft, specially designed to be swift and deadly in a space fight. However, Chaz is not happy to discover that the only way to fly in this machine is for the gunner and pilot to be surrounded by a neural net. In order for this net to be effective the men have to pressed together skin to skin. The net works at its ultimate level when the men are joined together in sex. For the ostensibly straight Chaz this idea is completely horrific, especially when he discovers that his pilot is Ferrin, a man who is rumoured to have murdered his previous partner. As I'm writing this description now I'm thinking, 'this sounds like the biggest load of tosh' - and, to be honest, it is completely laughable and sounds like something out of a porn film or a gay space version of Top Gun ("Guns on Top", perhaps). The thing is, EA makes it work! I was wholly sucked in to the whole silly nonsense and couldn't stop reading it from start to finish in one sitting.

The relationship between Chaz and Ferrin shifted from tense to a gradual tenderness as Chaz began to realise that if he wanted to fulfil his life's ambition to be a needle gunner then he must set aside his inhibitions. Ferrin was very gentle and patient with Chaz, never pushing him to do more than he could take, but furthering their intimacies through constant touching and always being alongside Chaz. Thus the sexual tension grew and grew until an explosive finale. I liked both Chaz and Ferrin. I sympathised with Chaz and his mixed feelings about realising that he was attracted to Ferrin and I liked that Ferrin admitted that he too had been through those feelings when he first started his training. The scenes where Ferrin comes to terms with his previous partner's death were emotional and touching, allowing us to see how important that man had been to him.

There were a few things I hadn't liked about the book. Many of the secondary characters came off as a little too cardboard cut-out for my liking: The ultra evil homophobe; the campy twink; the thick-headed muscle guy; the twins who complete each other's sentences. I was also rather irritated by the way that Chaz refused to have sex with Ferrin because then he would somehow have to admit he was bisexual. There is also a graphic scene of non-con sex which didn't bother me too much (because of the circumstances, which I can't explain here or I'll give major spoilers away) but some readers may not find to their taste.

Overall, I was thoroughly engrossed in this wholly daft book. At no point did I think that this was anything but a tongue-in-cheek pastiche of a sci-fi novel. If you like reading thoughtful, realistic sci-fi which looks at the importance of maintaining cordial relationships with alien cultures, then I'd give this book a miss. However, if you are looking for a lighthearted space romp with lots of great sex and space battles, then look no further than this book. You won't be disappointed. I certainly wasn't which is why I'm giving it a grade of 'Very Good'.
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Arzu This was my first M/M Romance book and after reading it, I just felt so ... spaced out. I loved the interaction between Chaz and Ferrin, but some things were so unbelievable, but like you said EA made it work. Great review!!

Jenre Thanks, Arzu :). This book has had a real mixed response from readers, but I liked it. It's not exactly a gentle lead into the m/m romance genre, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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