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Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper
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Aug 12, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2009

Homer's Odyssey is a very special book, written by Gwen Cooper. Gwen is Homer's mom...Homer is a blind cat. Gwen adopted Homer when he was a tiny kitten. His eyes were infected so severely, that they had to be removed. Gwen took Homer home with her, wondering what exactly she was doing with another cat...a blind one, to boot!
Gwen had 2 cats already...Scarlett and Vashti. They were unsure of their new little brother at first. Homer became the light of Gwen's life. Where he lived his world in darkness, he brought sunshine and happiness to all who met him.
Homer's Odyssey is a wonderful story. Anyone who loves cats (or any animal) should read this. Homer's antics are incredibly entertaining. From his taste in music: "I learned that music had a tremendous impact on Homer's moods. Anything with a hard, driving tempo-rock or clubby dance music, for instance-sent him into a tizzy. Hole's "Live Through This" made him hyper almost beyond the telling of it. He'd tear around the living room, leaping manically on and off the couch or flinging himself to the top of his six foot cat tower, while uttering a low whine as if his body held so much energy, the containment of it was painful."
"The first time I played the Brandenburg Concertos, however, Homer fell into a deep sleep right in the middle of chasing a paper ball around. It happened as swiftly as if he'd been shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart."
He taught Gwen so many life lessons, especially about relationships: "It was Homer, I realized, who had brought me most of the insights I'd acquired about relationships over the past few years. It was Homer who had taught me that the love of one person who believed in you - and whom you believed in - could inspire you to attempt even the most improbable things."
I loved this book from the first page to the last. Gwen is a talented writer and I am eager to read her novel that she mentions in this book.
This is a story that you will remember long after you have finished it.
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