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Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin
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Aug 11, 2009

did not like it

Possibly never have I disliked a book more than I did this one. If possible- I would give this book a negative star rating. Unfortunately goodreads will not allow me to do this. So instead I’ll describe why my initial response upon finishing this book was one of depression at the realization I’ll never get the time back in my life that I wasted reading this book. My extreme distaste for this story stems from a number of things. To begin, I pretty much hated all the characters. Every single one. Across the board they’re incredibly unlikeable and empty. Even the main character Ellen who I think we’re supposed to sympathize with, comes across as shallow. I'm incapable of feeling bad for her. When faced with picking between her wealthy, well connected husband and an ex-boyfriend from the past “the one that got away” she makes the wrong choice in my opinion. The ending of the book is predictable and entirely too neatly resolved. It left me wondering what the point of reading this was??! It will take something drastic to convince me to read another of Griffin's books again. Like maybe a natural disaster... in which I end up trapped somewhere with nothing to read but one of her books.
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message 1: by Kristin (new)

Kristin wow em... tell us what you really thought. I will warn you that I have read one of her other books, I believe its called something borrowed and its pretty horrible too. So even in the event of a natural disaster I would not reccomend reading any more of her books, its a waste of your life.

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna I think you missed your calling. Send this to the NY Times and maybe they'll hire you for the Sunday Book Review!!

Jenniferbradey YES! That is the only problem I have with Emily Giffin. I like her writing style, but her characters bore the daylight out of me. She probably has the same insipid personality that they do though. If you want a similar type of style, you should read The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher. Her characters are so flawed and real. I get tired of the same old personality types in books and T.F's characters are refreshing.

Alina I agree completely. I can't stand any of the main characters in Griffin's books. They are annoying, often "goody-two-shoes" who strayed, and in the end, they get the guy, and we are supposed to sympathize with them! Good writing style but every time I pick up her book I always hope that this time her protagonist won't irritate me.

Lauren Andreoff I could completely relate to this book which is prob why i liked it so much- i have one that got away but is a complete asshole- i liked seeing someone else dealing with the same thoughts- some of the others giffin has written were really boring and like u said, empty- difference of perspectives i guess. I like your honesty lol

Billie-Jo I really hated that the author wanted the reader to sympathize for Ellen and did everything she could to make it happen! I think we all have someone we wonder "what if" about, but a big difference between wondering and cheating like Ellen did. How she claimed to not only love, but BE in love with Andy and then did everything she could to hurt him was disgusting. Andy deserved better than what she was/is willing to give. They're practically still newlyweds and she lies and cheats with an ex and says some unforgivable things to Andy ie. I need to go. She didn't need to run off to Leo, she wanted to and did so without a second thought to her husband and marriage. I absolutely hated that not only did he forgive her but he apologized to her as well! The only thing he did wrong was stay with her sorry ass. Even after everything she put him through, he was more than ok to live miles and miles apart 5 days a week to make HER happy? I hated Ellen from page one and only read the whole book because I had nothing else to read in the tub and you can only read the back of the shampoo bottles so many times.

Samantha Nieto Thank you for saying everything that I wanted to say.. I thought I was the only one. But this novel was so awful. I hated it so much, I should have read your review first!

message 8: by Mendi (new)

Mendi Estes-sample Lol... Natural disaster... Is it me or do the characters in Giffen's books all seem the same. I've only read Something Borrowed and Something Blue all the way through and samples of 4 other of Giffen's books.

message 9: by Mendi (new)

Mendi Estes-sample *Giffin*

message 10: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate Thanks y'all! I'll just return this book half-unread because I'm really disliking it and usually when I'm in this place I forge ahead for closure or to try to find something to learn from it to make it worth the time already invested. Not this time. I'm taking your advice and cutting my losses. Thanks again!

message 11: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Harrelson I am surprised any of you ever buy a book. Just go to the library. Return it and don't read it is you dislike it. No one is forcing you.

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