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The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
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Jan 15, 08

Read in January, 2007

Sure--why not write a trite, pithy review of one of the great works of Western Literature? Fuck it! Yes, it's beautifully poetic, but Dante is also intolerably self-righteous and hilariously bitter in it, skewering, roasting, and tearing to pieces (quite literally) his detractors, enemies, and some people that he maybe just didn't like much. The tortures are sometimes hilarious and in no way is disturbing to think that people used to believe a lot of this silliness...oh, and that some people still do. Although surely most modern Catholics (excepting, perhaps, the Appenines) don't think that the herds of Satan's chattel are so swollen with old Italian aristocracy. Funny to think of the same old people STILL being tortured now...maybe even Cain, and of course, Old Scratch himself, still locked in that sheet of ice. I'd be mad too. I think I'd probably cut a Vanni Fucci figure in're going to be tortured forever anyway...why not give god the finger and scream and fart every minute of the day and let everybody know what a bastard he is? The losers falling into line and cowering under the black pitch might as well grow some balls...

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message 1: by Zac (new)

Zac Slade an interesting comment. i think it is interesting that you would call dante "intolerably self-righteous", when you yourself think you have what it takes to be profane and "witty" in the midst of an endless torture.
however, i do respect that you would post a controversial book review, just for the sake of being controversial.

Solomon Purgatory is for humbling people, hell is just for torturing them. I don't think it would require much of a person to be able to maintain a position of opposition in such a situation, were such a situation plausible, which it is not.

All the cussing was a bit much though...

message 3: by Zac (new)

Zac Slade i see.

message 4: by Laurentia (new) - added it

Laurentia And your name is Solomon - how interesting - I, too, applaud your balls. Do they get in your way...much?

message 5: by Tawnya (new) - added it

Tawnya Goodness, are you always so cynical?

Patrice I agree and thank God for the enlightenment!

Anthony That fact that you find it disturbing these people believed this "silliness" is an indication that you do not understand how to read from their view point in their historic context. You are trying to impose your current world view on their thoughts and beliefs instead of accepting the book is written for Dante's contemporaries.

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