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Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner
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Aug 09, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: 2009, ya-young-adult, library-book, paranormal-magical-beings
Read in August, 2009

Solid YA fantasy, with all the right elements, to make it perfect for fantasy reading YA-ers. Liza, the main character, lives in a town run by her father's strong fist, a fist that has come down on Liza many times along with his belt. The story is set after the great way between the Faerie people and Americans (? the world?) Liza is taught by her father that all magic is evil, and must be purged from society but when her own sister is born with Fae characteristics and Liza herself begins to experience magical abilities her father's view of the world begins to make less and less sense. As she travels in search of her missing mother, she must try to unravel terrifying visions, and learn to trust in what she was taught to fear and hate.

"The War is Over" is a line repeated throughout the book, Liza, her father, and their town, live as if they are still on the front lines of war, where only the strong deserve to survive. Because Janni Lee Simner is trying to focus on the aftermath of the war, and how it impacted both worlds (people and nature wise) she does not focus on the specifics of the Faerie War. I understand why she made this choice, it fits, but I'm curious and would have loved to read more about the history from when the BEFORE became the NOW. I'm just nosy like that.

The concept of this book was inventive, and enjoyable and the plot moved along quickly, giving you enough time to get a sense of something, or someone new, before they were off moving again, or attacked by something else. The author seemed to make a specific choice to focus on the characters' reaction to what was happening around them, and not on the past, which worked well for the book... I am a HOW and WHY person, and those questions were glossed over purposefully to show how pointlessly destructive War can be, especially when 20 years later the main character (and her town members) can't even tell you what the War was about or what the "bad guys" looked like for sure.

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