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The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
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Jan 26, 11

really liked it
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Read from January 24 to 26, 2011


Anya is my favorite heroine of ALL time. Okay, seriously. THE BEST. She's just the most awesome character ever, and she completely and totally made this novel. She is tough and unbelieavably strong. She can hold her own against the lords with no trouble. On top of that, she's funny, quirky, and the way she treats Lucien is...I don't even have words. She is so adorably protective of him, even when she was trying to kill him, she still cared about him...And how she got angry when the other lords were shocked that she'd be attracted to her. She loved every part of him, inside and out. It wasn't as if she were looking past his ugly outside to see the beauty within, because she found him beautiful on the inside and the outside. Plus, she's got so many adorable nick names for him. Flowers? So cute. Sweetcakes, Lover, etc... And toward the end, when William did what he did, Anya...she was amazing, the way she defended Lucien and the way she defeated the guy who'd stabbed him in the same manner the guy had defeated Lucien. She's just such a caring, protective, beautiful heroine, and I don't think anyone will ever compare to her. Furthermore, I've never read a book in which the heroine was the stalker and not the hero, and I actually really liked it! It was a nice change of pace.

So, I liked him better than I expected to based on the way he acted in the previous book. Here, now that I was able to get his POV, I could relate to him more and was able to sympathize with him. He's sort of a dull, boring character, and there isn't much unique about him, but I do like him. Seeing him interact with Anya is what did it. He's so different with her, so much nicer and so much more appealing. I don't have nearly as much to say about him...He was kind of funny when he was all jealous of Anya, because it's so out of character for him.

Um, so this subplot was a little on the thin, abrupt, vaguely ridiculous side, was mildly entertaining. I really don't feel much toward Paris. He's all right. As for Sienna...that woman has Dissociative Identity Disorder. One second she's "cute and vulnerable" then she's an emotionless killer, then she's vulnerable, then she's an emotionless killer, and so on until the end.


So, I don't think anyone other than Anya could possibly have worked with Lucien. She made him. I really felt like they were a great couple, not like Showalter was just trying to shove two characters together, but like these two would actually love each other. They're just so obviously in love, and it was a beautiful thing to watch their relationship develop. There wasn't a moment where I was frustrated or so annoyed I wanted to rip my eyes out. Plus, the two actually liked each other throughout the whole novel. Yes, they fought, but neither one of them ever wanted to kill the other, so thank God for that.


There's something about Showalter's writing that annoys me. It's sort of as if she skims over the story without actually devling into the real emotions. I know I didn't once feel sad or angry when reading this book. I rolled my eyes a few times, and I laughed a few times, but as for the deeper Whenever her characters are in some sort of trouble, they seem to get out of it pretty easily, no matter how big the problem, and the whole book seemed so formulated that I didn't once forget I was reading a book. I never got sucked in, and I never really thought about the book when I wasn't reading it. Plus, she tends to be a bit on the repetitive side in both plot and diction.

Another thing is that the side characters seem to be very side characterish. Yeah, I know. But I just wish we got to see a little bit more of them. Yes, we got POVs of Paris and Reyes, but other than those two, the other lords seem like cardboard cutouts. That doesn't mean that I'm not intrigued by some of them, but I just hope in future books the other lords player a bigger role in the plot. Also, I'll be reading one scene and then it'll go to another scene, and it seems to have jumped ahead suddenly, and I feel like I've missed something. It does this very often, too, and makes me feel like I'm reading a movie script rather than a book--which I think stems into the lack of depth to these books.

One more thing: is a main charcter dying then coming back to life going to become a trend? I sure hope not. It's a little unoriginal.
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Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) <3 Anya!
I'm glad tou love her too :D :D :D :D

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Me too! LOL! I love loving the heroine!

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Awesome review!
How do you feel about William? Like him, hate him?

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Thanks! :) To be honest, neither. I think because I knew he was gonna do a bad thing the whole time, I wasn't expecting to like him, so I ended up not even being mad. I mean, I do dislike him, but that's because he was actually going to kill ANYA, too, just to save himself, and that's...eew...He doesn't sound like a great guy, LOL!

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I do like William. He's funny and he has his moments. He and a situation involving a certain girl is very interesting. It keeps me interested in him.

I wasn't expecting him to do anything like that cos in the book with the interviews he was friends with them and teasing them and i considered him a ally of their, so when he stabbed Lucian i though WTH!?!

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Well, I do find him interesting, but I tend not to like people who betray their friends to save themselves, haha. :D But I'm sure he gets better as the series goes on. Yep, he's amusing, but I'll always be a little put off by him, I think.

YEAH! I'm kinda glad you warned me or I might have had a heart attack.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Neither do I. I was a bit put off by how easily they "forgave" him. They don't seem that bothered by it. All Anya does is keep his book away from him and everything is forgotten.
I like him, but idk if i'll ever "like" him. And this is me saying this. You know me and how easily i forgive characters.

LMAO! Yeah, i was shocked. You might have gone into cardiac arrest. And then who would i hunt and murder with.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Wow. That is strange that they forgave him so fast. Honestly, if I were them, I wouldn't, nor would I trust him! I'd always be worried he was about to stab me in the back--or stomach. Well, Anya already gave him her payback by stabbing him the same way he stabbed her Lucy, heehe.

Yep. I'd probably be dead now...but I need to stay alive at least until I can kick the Hunters butts when they go after Gid--and of course to finish off our list.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Don't you mean Flowers? Haha. Then again. I guess the Lords are used to being preyed upon and he does fight by their side as the series progresses.

Yes. That's very important.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) HA! That would sound so weird if I said "he stabbed her Flowers!" Wow. Oookkkaaayyy.

Yep, yep! :D

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) LMAO! But he did....he stabber her poor innocent (Blah! *sputters* innocent? Lucian? ahahaha) Flowers.....

message 13: by Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) (last edited Jan 26, 2011 11:10PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) ROFL! That innocent harborer of the demon of Death! Bah! But really, who stabs "Flowers?" They smell so good. Haaaaa, okay, now I just sound stupid.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Yes. He's totally innocent. Can't you see it? Even when he's dragging souls into the firey pits of hell he's as innocent as a bunny rabbit.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Actuallllyy, hahaa. Well, he did feel a little bad about it, at least. I can't imagine how much it would suck to have to escort souls to hell all the time!

message 16: by Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) (last edited Jan 27, 2011 05:19AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) He doe feel bad about it. Still, out of all the demons i'd hate to house Disease the most. Not being able to touch people would be horrible. And oh, so lonely.
Me neither, but still....he could always roast marshmallows around an open flame ;)

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Yeah, that one does sound pretty sucky. But Pain is pretty bad, too. Eek.

Ha! Yeah, munching on marshmallows, listening to people scream in pain! Yummo! LOL!

How do you feel about Danika, btw? Me no like her.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Yeah. I wouldn't like Pain. I'm a big baby as it is-- i don't deal with pain well. LOL.

Haha, exactly! Plus, who needs campfire music when you have the screams of the damned.

Honestly. I have mixed feelings about her. I do actually like her.....even though a lot of the time i don't. That probably doesn't make sense. I think i can understand why she acts like she does. When i think about myself i can see how i could become as twisted as her if i was in a similar situation.
What don't you like about her. I hate how she acts towards Reyes most of the time and i wishes she'd stop thinking about the Lords how she does.

Best gals are Anya, Gwen and Scarlett.
Best guys are Strider, Torin, Sabin and Gideon.

message 19: by Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) (last edited Jan 28, 2011 08:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Hehe, but you'd like the pain, wouldn't you?

The screams of the damned...ahhh...the most beautiful music there is!

Okay, Danika. Well, yeah, the way she treated Reyes pissed me off. And sure, they kidnapped her, but it's not as if they treated her poorly. I didn't like that she asked Reyes to kill Aeron even knowing it would torment him for the rest of his life, and then she kept thinking she'd have sex with him to purge herself of him, like he was some bad habit or something, and...she was just kind of mean to him the whole time. And working with the Hunters...yuck.

Yeah, I like Gwen so far. I hope it stays that way!
As for the guys...yep, I agree, all of those guys. :D

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I guess i would simply cos that's what my demon would make me feel, lol.

Yes. Oh expect the screams of people as we torture them. That's the only thing sweeter.

I didn't like those things either. I wished she'd been more nicer at times. I have to admit a lot of the things your saying are spot on. I wasn't a big fan of this book. I was actually disappointed when i compared it to Anya's and Lucian's. Considering that Reyes and Danika had such a good set up thanks to the first 2 books, i think i expected more. I still enjoyed it though, but those kinds of things don't bother me like they do you, so i can understand why it upset you.

Gwen's cool. I like her and Sabin as a couple. Idk, they just go so well. Something about them just clicks.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Haha, but that would suck!

Oh, good point. I do love that. *sighs reminiscently*

Yeah! I thought Anya and Lucien's book was much better! I had no idea Reyes was so dull lol. I don't mind him, but really, Danika did nothing for him. With Lucien, Anya was able to make him interesting, but Danika...she wasn't likable enough for that. I actually wasn't too upset, but I think that's only because Reyes isn't one of my faves.

Mmmhmm. I'm not that far in it, but from what I've seen so far I like them together.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Yep.

Uh-huh! Those beautiful sounds light my soul on fire :)

I think Maddox/Ashlyn and Reyes/Danika don't do anything for each other, but the other couples totally do. It's odd considering that most of the time he doesn't do anything for me, but i really liked Aeron in his book. It was awesome, and i actually enjoyed reading about him more than i thought i would. Oliva is great for him.

There's just something about Sabin i like. He's not even that interesting looks wise--he's fairly plain, but i like the way he and Gwen interact.

How do you feel about Paris and Seinna? I didn't like how she slept with him just cos the other Hunters told her too and i really don't get why he feels about her the way he does. It just seems very quick to me....

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) I at least found Ashlyn mildly likable, unlike Danika. And Maddox was slightly more interesting than Reyes to me...Aeron, well, although I'm not jumping in line to be his woman, he does intrigue me. I kind wanna get inside his head a bit more, because he doesn't seem the moment.

Ha! It's the personality that makes the characters. Looks are just a bonus! But yeah, I like him, too. He seems a little less he-man, too, which is good.

YA!!!!!!! What the heck was up with that! Who sleeps with a guy they hate and want to kill just because they think he's hot? I mean, come on. And the fact that her last words were "I should have killed you" did not endear me to her. I was so relieved when Paris chose Aeron over Sienna, though I couldn't believe he had to think about it so long. I mean, he met the woman once, she's a Hunter, and she wants to kill him...whereas he's been friends with Aeron FOREVER.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Oh, Aeron's not boring, but i think he reminded me a bit of Lucian, and as i'd already seen Lucian it was like a double. The best part about Aeron is Legion. She cracks me up, that demon! She's so funny.

Yeah. Lol. That was just me being vain for a moment, haha! Sabin's strong and yet not overly manly. Which i like. After reading so many books with strong, tough hero's, it's nice to have some a tad different.

Idk, it's just strange. I think if she'd been a bit unsure or hesitant, then it wouldn't have bothered me. But the fact the just stepped up and was ready to screw him so quickly, made me think, ah...ick. And this is me, i'm talking about. You know how i feel about most characters. There are sooooo many people who love Paris. He's one of the most popular Lords (i don't get it) and everyone is dying to see if he and Sienna get a happy ending. I wanna read his book, just cos i want him to stop moping and see if things actually deepen.
I know! For me, there wouldn't have even been a choice. I'd have picked my friend straight away.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Oh, really? Hmmm. Legion, ahaha. She's funny in an annoying way!

LOL! I can be vain sometimes, too. YES! He's an alpha male without being overly he-man.

Yeah! And it's no like the Hunters were nice to her! They treated her like crap, whereas the lords didn't. She just seemed to care only about herself and her family, and she was kinda narrow-minded. Yeah, I don't see the facination with Paris. He's just okay for me. As for Sienna...gah, I wish he'd end up with someone else. I'll never like her.

YES. Hmm, should I pick a stranger who wants to kill me or my good friend??? Let me think about it for a few weeks! Jeez!

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Legion isn't what she appears though. She has a moment with someone (not to be named) that's actually very intriguing. It made me think, HUH?, and now i wanna know what he hell it means.

I think everyone can be!

I don't think we know anything about Sienna. She was hardly in the story long enough to get to know. There is something that happens to her later on that can change everything in regards to her, Paris, and the Lords, but you're not up to that yet so i won't say. I think it's possible i may like her and Paris a bit more as we get to know more about them both.

LMAO! I was surprised he had to think so hard. That's not saying something good about him.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Oh yeah? Did I read in a review that she has sex with someone? Haahaha. I suppose she can change forms or something.

True, we don't, but matter what happens, I still don't like her personality. She really gave me the creeps and I don't wanna read about her. I guess it's possible that might change, but I doubt it.

I know! It would be one thing if he actually knew Sienna, but he didn't...

message 28: by Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) (last edited Jan 28, 2011 10:41PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Yes. I won't say who or how it comes about, but the person she sleeps with isn't someone i was expecting. Idk, i'm kinda really intrigued to see if something happens between her and this person somehow. It'd change a lot, that's for sure.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I wanna know about Haidee too. I don't suppose you know who she is, without me spoiling anything do you?

Exactly. I'm a romantic at heart, and i like the concept of he and Sienna, but i don't like the actual result. I like that he "got hard" for the same woman more than once, but i don't think that's a good thing to base his "feelings" on.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Hmmm, interesting. Kinda creepy, too...possibly, hehe. But I'm curious.

Nope, don't know who she is yet. :(

Yeah, I just wish he'd get hard for another woman more than once, because she doesn't seem worth changing for, really.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) It is a lot of ways. It's like, "Oh, no. No can there perhaps be something between them?"

Okie dokie....then i guess i'll say what i wanna say when you do ;)

I agree. I wish she was a good character, then i'd be happy that he liked her the way he does.

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) LOL! God, I'm getting used to creepy stuff, though, with all the PNR I've been reading!

Yep, Paris is kinda pitiful in Sabin's book, I can't lie. I'd sympathize with him if 1. I liked Sienna, and 2. They'd known each other for more than a couple seconds.

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