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Shadow of Betrayal by Brett Battles
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Aug 08, 09

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Read in August, 2009

Battles, Brett. SHADOW OF BETRAYAL. (2009). ****. This is the author’s third novel, and he seems to have the thriller formula down pat. His hero – almost a superhero – is Jonathan Quinn. Quinn is accompanied on his assignment by his girlfriend, Orlando, and his apprentice, Nate. Quinn is a “cleaner,” a man who comes in and cleans up messes made by other agencies or other operatives. The mess he has to clean up now is being done at the request of”Peter,” the head of some super-secret organization that hires out – mostly to governments – to wage super-clandestine operations that involve anything from messengering secret information to assassination. This time the hiring agency is the CIA. They need Peter and his crew, i.e., Quinn et al., to thwart what seems to be an organized terrorist plot against the U.S. They don’t know when or where or who, but that’s no matter, Quinn will find out. It all seems to tie in somehow with the kidnapping of mentally challenged children from all over the world. The children are taken from foster care institutions and disappear. What the connection is to terrorism is unclear until about two-thirds of the way through the book, but it involves an extremely cold-hearted act. Behind all of this is a top-secret organization composed of men of power and wealth called LP. We never learn what the letters stand for – perhaps ‘long-playing.’ In any event, Quinn and his team perform all of the necessary actions with perfection and manage to save the day. This would have made an excellent segment for “Mission Impossible,” or maybe it already was one. I was not a steady viewer. If you are a thriller fan, this is recommended.

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