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Lost in the Forest by Sue Miller
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Aug 31, 09

Read in August, 2009

***SPOILERS*** This book was neither outstanding or terrible, it just was. Overall, I liked it, it just wasn't a page-turner, and I'm not exactly sure I would recommend it. The story is ulitmately about the heartbreaking reality of the mundane, everyday life... about how sometimes, life isn't happy or end happy, life just is. Although this story was about death, I feel it centered on the infidelity of Eva, the main character's, former husband. The affair led to the demise of the entire family, and we see how it trickled down and effected everyone involved.

I found this story also to be mainly about Daisy (not the main character) who was the child that seemed to take the affair and divorce the hardest. She deals with the abandonment of her father, the death of her stepfather and confidant (the only one helping her through the divorce), and the seperation of her sister at college. It shows an honest portrayal of the possible effects divorce can have on some children, like her seeking a father figure or attention through Duncan (which thoroughly intrigued me and grossed me out all at the same time).

This book was extremely sexual, so don't read it if you get uncomfortable reading these sorts of things. In fact, in one part, there is a very descriptive passage on oral sex of a heavily menstruating woman! I'll let you read that for yourself. Anyways, all in all it had some good lessons to take from it, a few good passages and quotes, but that's about all it cracked up to be.


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