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What can I say? Jeaniene Frost can write a book! I was both excited about this book and leary at the same time. I loved the whole Night Huntress series. It's very well my favorite series. I was worried that I wouldn't connect to this one the way I did the others. But, alas, I worried for naught. Because this was another awesome read by Ms. Frost.

I would recommend reading the Night Huntress series before reading this one. It sets a lot of the back story (not to mention, it's one of the best series EVER). Those who've already been priveledged enough to read it will remember Denise and Spade from previous books.

I loved Spade from the first book. What's not to love? Sexy as sin Master vampire, intensely loyal, chivalrous to a fault, and with a sense of humor to boot! He was bound to get his own story. Denise is still grieving the loss of her husband the previous year when she's attacked by a demon. With no one else to turn to, she enlists Spade's help to deal with the trouble she's just stepped into.

They are drawn to each other, and have been from the first. But Denise refuses to get involved with the Vampire world, to whom she credits the murder of her late husband. And Spade is not willing to become involved with a human due to past tragedy. But once those walls between them are brought down...::girlish squeals::..things heat up....a lot.

JF seems to have a knack for fleshing out her characters and making them utterly likeable. Even Ian, the obnoxious, manipulative, and arrogant one of the bunch has a few redeeming qualities. (I'm hoping he eventually gets his own book)...(after Vlad, of course).

Cat and Bones make their Cameo, which made me happy, of course. I needed my Cat and Bones fix. But the true focus was the relationship growing between Spade and Denise. And can I say ::fans self:: that Ms. Frost can really write a loved scene! She seems to find just the right about of tension to build, then finds the exact right time to let it snap back at you with a sizzling scene that has you panting right along with the heroine.

And of course it wouldn't be a Jeaniene Frost book without a great action scene or two. I'm looking forward to Mencheres' story this summer!
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message 1: by FlibBityFLooB (last edited Feb 14, 2010 01:18AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

FlibBityFLooB Yay! I loved the book :) Jeaniene Frost can really write a love scene, just like you said. *grin*

I hope she writes more books. I am dying to see a book for Ian now. And Vlad ;)

I was a naughty girl and stayed up until 3:00am finishing this one.

Aimee I did an all nighter with this one too. And she's got another one coming out in August. It's Mencheres' story. I'm intrigued ::raises eyebrow::

Meredith Barrons Ah! Starting this today! Can't wait! Do you know when the next Cat and Bones will be out?

Aimee I read somewhere that it won't be until 2011! The torture!

Natasha I'm stoked for Mencheres story, but I really want to see one with Vlad. He's awesome. And I know Ian will be a interesting one.. who can tame the un-tamable!!?

message 6: by Aimee (last edited Feb 19, 2010 07:55PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aimee Good question, Natasha. Cat's mom? Just Kidding. Though, that would be hilarious!

Natasha You never know.. she`s been through so much also... haha!
It`s going to be an amazing read. I cannot wait! AH!
I just love Frost. She always has a perfect book. :)

Aimee She can do no wrong, IMHO. I've yet to read something by her that I didn't absolutely LOVE.

Lisa (Badass Bookie) I absolutely love Jeaniene Forst's books i wasn't so sure about this one becuase it wasn't about Cat and bOnes ut it was just as Amazinggggg. I just finished reading it ;)

Meredith Barrons Started it last night and it is so good. I really do love Spade now too! I had to force myself to stop reading and go to sleep!

Meredith Barrons I have to say I am still upset Rodney was killed off in the last book. I thought it was great that he was with Cat's mom!

Aimee I'm waiting to see what she has in store for Cat's mom, now. I really think she should hook up with Ian. It would make for one interesting book.

Meredith Barrons yeah, i could see that too. i wonder when ian's book will be out? i mean, as upset as i am about rodney i am glad that frost takes risks in her books and isn't afraid to kill off a main character. i feel like some authors don't do that and then things are never believable!

Aimee Isn't that the truth. That's part of the reason I like Richelle Mead and Rachel Vincent, too. They don't hold back.

Meredith Barrons Speaking of Rachel Vincent are you counting the days till Shift comes out? I can't wait!

Darcy Most of the stores have Shift out already, you may want to run out and get it Meredith.

Meredith Barrons What? I wonder if Barnes & Noble has it? Maybe I will call a few stores and see and then run out! Thanks!

Darcy All of the B&N's that I have been to have them, also on-line.

Meredith Barrons Ahhh! Thank you! I will be heading there today! I saw the re-lease date was March 3rd so I thought I had to wait until then. It must not be a "firm" release date. Have you read it yet?

Darcy I did read it and it was really good!!

Aimee I'm in the middle of it. It's REALLY good. I got it at Wal-mart.

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