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Cafe Heaven by L. Thomas-Sundstrom
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Aug 05, 09

Once I find an author I like, I dig in, as you can see by my review history. Having read Thomas-Sundstrom's paranormal romance stories, I found this. And what a surprise. It's a different genre altogether, and very well done.

Poor, unsuspecting Henry Smith in on his way to his next appointment, and takes a short cut (or so he thinks) onto a section of old Route 66. That's where the trouble begins, and what trouble it is. Diners, waitresses, donuts, old Chevrolet cars, and swirling vortexes surround metaphysical questions about life and death, and what happens after both of those things for this poor soul.

This is a quirky fantasy with a retro feel to it. Songs in the juke box are of an age, and represent what's happening to Henry, as he faces the big dilemma of "up" or "down," and as he questions those questions regarding faith that everybody asks at some time in their lives. The problem lies in the fact that he HAS to find the anwers or Wanda, the Recuiter from the "down" direction might answer those things for him.

This is a fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek, very fast-paced read that gets faster as the chapters go by. Maybe it can be termed "metaphysical fantasy." But it definitely struck a cord in me, I couldn't put it down, and I will be passing this on to my family, men and women alike.

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