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Disney at Dawn by Ridley Pearson
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Aug 03, 2009

really liked it

While still recovering from their first overnight adventures in the Magic Kingdom. Finn, the unelected leader, is join by techie Philby, Willa, Charlene, and Maybeck when they are once again forced to use their surprising talents. These skills came about after they became DHIs, or digital hosts for Disney World. It seems that when they go to sleep in the real world, they appear as holograms in various locations in Disney World.

In the first book, they had to fight of Maleficent and the pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The Overtakers, as the evils ones are called, are made up of all the Disney villains, who are trying to take over the amusement park. While they defeated her once, it seems that Maleficent is not done.

She has just recently kidnapped Jez, the adopted sister of Finn's good friend, Amanda Lockhart. Amanda has previously experience with helping out the Kingdom Keepers, and it seems that caught Maleficent's attention. Jez and Amanda are not as average as everyone thinks, and their skills will endanger the fairy queen's plans as she tries to help out Chernabog, who was really the leader of the Overtakers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, he is that giant demon-like creature from Fantasia.

Rather than focusing the fight in the Magic Kingdom, the Kingdom Keepers are forced to challenge Maleficent and her allies in the Animal Kingdom. Things have become more difficult because new plans to expand the DHI program has set that part of the park up to host holograms. Maleficent has captured the new server and has plans to use it to stake a claim for her master.

The real strength of these books is a chance to explore the park as an adventure rather than a tourist. Action takes place throughout that keeps the readers on the edge of their seat. This is definitely not a book you want to pick up if you are looking for major character development, but that is OK. It is a fun read, and lives up to those expectations, particularly as the story is filled with familiar names of characters and locations from Disney film and the park.

My one and only complaint, which was the same in the first volume, is that the book does not include a map of the park, which would be helpful for readers who are less familiar with either the Magic Kingdom (in the first book) or the Animal Kingdom.

The novel does tie things up, but some of the plot is left open, clearly leaving an opportunity for a likely third installment.
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