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1453 by Roger Crowley
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Aug 02, 2009

it was ok
Read in November, 2009

I give this book a 2.5

1453 explores and describes the factors that led to the fall of Constantinople itself. The rise of the Ottoman empire at the hands of Sultan Mehmet II due to his immense logical knowledge, Turks common cause in destroying Constantinople, advent of technological warfare used to destroy previously impenetrable city walls, and numerical advantage of the Turks combined with the decline of the Byzantine empire, lack of funds, Christian schizm between the Orthodox and the Catholics, and competitive commercial interest between Genovese and Venetians caused the eventual sack of Constantinople.

By reading this book, I learned that technological advantage especially if it is new is important in warfare; tolerance and diversity of the population is the utmost importance in harnessing the collective knowledge and energy of ones citizens (pro-immigration stance)especially in light of them being persecuted in other areas because it gives the government a competitive advantage in human capital, and the double edge sword of faith in military matters.

This book also underscores the enmity between Islam and Christianity has a long precedent. From the jihad of the early Arabs to the Christian Crusades, to the fall of Constantinople to the Islamic jihad of present day against America and the West, there has been consistent antagonism between both religions. From reading about the origins of the people of the Book only Christianity was born out of peace and spread because of faith alone thus for me it must be the TRUE RELIGION. It seems that Judaism and Islam have significant violence attached to them thus making it seem that although parts are true, it is not truly inspired by the divine.

Although it must have been horrible at the time, I think the Turks encroachment into Europe proved to be a positive development for the present day. By having Turkey be half European and half Arab we get to see what it would be like to have a truly modern predominantly Islamic country.

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message 1: by hercolanium (new)

hercolanium There was no Jihad between Islam and America/West until they started the prejudice mentality against them was established...Everyone knows that 9/11 was a fabrication to flare up international crises

Patrick I don't think everyone knows that 9/11 was a fabrication to flare up an international crisis. I think everyone knows where I live that 9/11 was done by a dozen Saudi extremist that is the truth where I live. I do not know where the kind of spin you are getting your wrong information from.

message 3: by hercolanium (new)

hercolanium That's where your extremely and painfully under-informed community show its ignorance. If anyone try to move off their couches and entertainment sites and for once read a reliable source for information, instead of fabricated media, they will definitely be in for a big eye-opening truth which is life rather than the US government's propaganda. Don't you find it even slightly suspicious that a person with the ability to perform such hijacking went to the trouble of destroying trade centers instead of the White House or the Pentagon! Don't take whatever you read as gospel...Work your brains, it is not just for filling your skull

Patrick Work my brains? So says a woman whose favorite genre to read seems to be science fiction...It seems that you have been drinking from the sci-fi cool aid way too long. It is fine to have your own theory of what caused 9/11 but do not say that "everyone knows that 9/11 was a fabrication which chief aim was to flare up an international crisis" Besides, prior to 9/11, the US did not have an "international crisis".

No, I do not think that it is weird that it is the World Trade Centers that were the main target because these Islamist extremist think "Western capitalism" is what is destroying their civilization so what is the most visible example of American capitalism, the World Trade Center of course. FYI: the pentagon was hit by a plane too, though the plane only killed 100 in the pentagon.

message 5: by hercolanium (new)

hercolanium I don't think that you can work your brain half that I can work my hands during DNA extraction.

My favorite genre is not sci-fi, it is Dark High Fantasy but that doesn't say anything about me. I am a master degree student working on Molecular Genomics...So basically, you are beneath me unless you are the incarnation of Watson or Crick! (Or anyone from that caliber).
The supposed Islamic Extremists would never give a lick about the western capitalism; it is a known fact that petrol is most present in the Gulf and that they are among the richest in sense of numbers (high number with much money)

If it was really them who hit the Pentagon or the trade centers, which is not true, I would suggest they hit military stations or the police...Won't it be better and more rewarding?

I have never drunk cool aid; I prefer chcocolate hazelnut gelato cooler O.o

Patrick Oh, I am sorry that I mistakenly thought your preferred genre is sci-fi instead of Dark High Fantasy which says a lot to why you think the way you do. So, what if you have a masters degree in Molecular Genomics, I have a medical degree (a MD) so I am certainly not beneath you since I have more schooling than you with your masters.

So if it is not Islamic Extremist who orchestrated 9/11 then who did? What is your "theory"? Even though you are right about the Gulf states being the #1 exporter of oil, did you know the US only gets 12.9% of its oil from the Gulf states with 8.1% of it from Saudi Arabia. So why would the US want to start a war with the Middle East if we get an insignificant amount of oil from the Middle East and why would we accuse the Saudi citizens of orchestrating 9/11 considering Saudi Arabia is our number 1 importer of oil in the Gulf region and an ally in the region? It does not make any strategic geopolitical sense to start a war to get an insignificant amount of oil that supplies the US.

message 7: by hercolanium (new)

hercolanium Actually I have turned down many doctors because it is still a bachelor degree; he has to be either like me or higher, I have many advanced courses under my belt as well as lab experience...So, MD is definitely not my equal. I do not mean to belittle anyone, mind you, but it is how I see it; he settled for what is soon to be considered basic education.

Dark high fantasy won't fill anyone's mind with anything, or any genre for that matter, unless they are mentally incompetent. Books are just that, a way to waste time without having to resort to poorly made movies/series. Exactly like gaming

Look at the war on Iraq; they have started a wretched war over oil but the Iraqi army was smarter since they blew up the wells to the monumental horror of the assaulting party. You and I might not know the minute details but for sure it is fishy as hell

Patrick Maybe where you are from, a doctors degree is a bachelors degree but here in the US a MD is equal to 20+ years of schooling and is very difficult to get into that only a small percentage of students who start out as pre-med in their bachelors degree end up in medical school which is a doctorate level degree in the US. Ironically, here in the US it is the people who do not make a MD who have to settle on a lab job. Not everyone mind you, I know quite a few brilliant PhDs (whoops, I forgot that you do not have a doctorate degree).

Who is the "he" you are talking about? Can I ask you, where you are from to give me better context of your views?

I did not mean to suggest you were dumb for liking Dark high fantasy. I only meant to suggest that your interest in dark high fantasy suggests that you are interested in fantasy or conspiracy theories.

As for your Iraq comment, you are like former US President Bush confusing the cause of 9/11 which are Saudi Islamist extremists with the Iraqi war. Again, who in your opinion caused 9/11 if it was not Islamist extremists?

message 9: by hercolanium (new)

hercolanium As I know, US doctors are as bad as any, only few are good enough that they don't leave anything in their patients insides or just prescribe a wide-range antibiotic instead of sensitivity testing. Also I don't have a lab job; I am a full time student since my dad pays my fees, and no doctor in the world can do anything if there was no lab analysts, which is not like me since they are either community college or bachelor, to do the required tests. According to new study in the US the lab analyst diagnose 90% of the cases because doctors just throw many tests while the lab analyst choose the ones fitting for the symptoms. PhD is not everything, even if my dad won't let me leave school until I have it, since there are many brilliant scientists who discovered most important discoveries without having the highest degree.

We all know how much a hospital can go to cover up for their doctors' mistakes and malpractices.

'He' are many doctors who proposed either to me or my twin sister

You cannot even start to wish to suggest me to be dumb...Simply it is not applicable. As I have already written, novels are just that, time wasting because I hate studying so I go to novels or games...

Do not liken me to that swine of a lowlife. I do not mistake anything for the other; and I didn't confuse the two incidents but I have simply shown how the US started a war on a country that was already paying them with oil.

Where are you from? If your profile image is you then you seem Asian and not many generations long if any since you acquired the US citizenship...Or simply your Asian descendants' genes are quiet strong to be the predominant if you have a Caucasian parent.

Again I do not try to insult anyone; we are mature people who can converse without the need to attack personally, you should be able to use your wits in an argument and not your prejudices.

What is your medical specialty by the way?

Have a nice day

Patrick You never answered where you are from? As for the doctors comment, do not confuse me with your former suitors because I am not them. I bring up the doctorate bit only to let you know I am not beneath you as you suggest in your earlier comments and as far as degrees go I consider only other PhDs to be my equal.

You are right in saying there are other brilliant scientists out there who never received PhD, like Einstein, but those are few and far between.

Again, I ask you going back to our original debate who you think did the attack in 9/11 if it were not Islamic extremists? You give that answer and I will tell you the answers to your questions.

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