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The Hollow by Nora Roberts
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Aug 02, 2009

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Read in January, 2010

As the second book in the Sign of Seven trilogy, The Hollow continues the battle against the Big Evil that started in Blood Brothers. It helps to read the 1st book before jumping into this one, but you don't really have to because NR does a good job recapping the previous events - and she does it without making it sound like info dumping.

I'm not going to write a plot summary here because, quite frankly, the basic storyline of this book is similar to Blood Brothers's and I've already written a full review on that one. All the "gang" (Cal, Fox, Gage, Quinn, Layla and Cybil) is still trying to find the key to defeat the evil demon that plays havoc in the otherwise peaceful town of Hawkins Hollow every seven years. The only difference is, we have another main H/h working on their HEA this time: charming small town lawyer Fox O'Dell and annoying (former) big city boutique manager Layla Darnell.

Unfortunately, the romance between Fox and Layla didn't spark my interest. I didn't feel a strong emotional connection between them, which was strange considering the "psychic gift" they shared, and the sexual tension was close to nonexistent. There was no build-up to it: they acknowledge the attraction between them, he says he wants to sleep with her, she replies saying that they need to focus on vanquishing the Big Evil so he shouldn't pressure her, he agrees, yada yada yada, then she changes her mind out of the blue and decides to sleep with him after all. It was all so... unromantic.

I liked Fox well enough, but Layla grated on my nerves big time. I know I complained about Quinn, the heroine in Blood Brothers, being too assertive and I feel like I should be eating crow now. Layla was Quinn's complete opposite, and her I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-life attitude bugged me to the point that I wished she had been more like Quinn. NR just went from one extreme to the other when "drawing" them, and neither was very likeable.

As for the suspense/PNR part of the story, it was good but not too thrilling. At times, all they did was sit and talk, talk, talk... until my eyes started to glaze and I had to take a break. Thankfully, the sporadic demon's attacks were entertaining and scary, and kept me from being bored to tears. Overall, the "gang" made some progress in their battle against the Big Evil, but there was no resolution in sight yet - which was expected, considering there's still one more book to go in this trilogy.

All in all, this was just an OK read. It was kind of disappointing because I expected more from it, but it wasn't bad. I feel the next and last book, The Pagan Stone, will be better - not only because Gage and Cybil are more interesting than Fox and Layla, but also because I'll finally find out how the Big Evil will be defeated. Or will he?
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63.21% "Do we really have to have Fox donating his sperm to father his lesbian sister's partner's baby? Sorry, but that's too weird for me!"
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Miss Kim This one was my least fav of the series. Be aware that in the third one, there is a ton of talking, analyzing, and planning one how to defeat the Evil, and it got a bit dull.

Dina Thanks for the warning, Kim. I was planning to read The Pagan Stone right away - just to get rid of the disappointment I felt with this one - but now I'm going to wait a bit.

message 3: by Rane (new)

Rane After reading your great review in Sign of Seven trilogy #1, this sounds likes like a skippable book in the trilogy ^^;

Dina I kind of agree, Rane. As the 2nd book in the trilogy, the romance part of this story should have been better developed because it was a given that the suspense/PNR wouldn't be solved here and we needed "something" to keep things more interesting.

BJ Rose Sorry you didn't like this one - I loved Fox and his unconventional parents. And if I'm remembering correctly, we learn quite a bit more about Ann Hawkins and her love (can't recall his name) and how the evil was contained for so long, so skipping this one could leave a big hole in the story.

Dina I liked Fox, BJ. It was Layla I couldn't stand and she ruined the romance for me.

You're right about Ann and Giles (that's the name of her love): we do learn a lot about them in this book, but I admit that the reading of her diaries was sometimes boring. Maybe it was supposed to be, as Gage was as impatient as I was to get things moving faster.

message 7: by Lynsey A (new) - added it

Lynsey A Nice review, Dina. I've read the first book in the series but haven't made it to the last two, mainly because of lackluster reviews I've read for both. Your review doesn't have me jumping up to finish the series. Thanks for the review.

Dina Thanks, Lynsey. Book #3 is good, so you could always skip this one and jump ahead. That's coming from someone who is OCD about reading all the books in a series in order, so that should tell you something. :)

message 9: by Lynsey A (new) - added it

Lynsey A Wow, that is something, Dina. I am OCD about books in order...so I can't do that. No matter what. It will just drive me up a wall! :)

message 10: by Dina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dina I know what you mean, Lynsey. I tell people they can skip a book in a series after I read it, but I can't make myself do it when I'm told to skip it, LOL.

message 11: by Lynsey A (new) - added it

Lynsey A LOL, Dina!

léamh Hola Dina, buena revisión, a veces Layla me desesperaba con su actitud, me gustó mucho Fox. Estoy con el tercero, ansiaba leer la historia de Gage y Cybil.

message 13: by Jo (new)

Jo Greenhorn I started this without realising it was the second in three books. Was more than halfway through it when the penny dropped but, to be honest, I was already well browned off with the Layla character who, for me, was an almighty pain in the ass from start to finish and she was really irritating me every time she whined about Fox over some other stupid issue. I decided not to even finish the book or read the other two.

message 14: by Dina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dina léamh wrote: "Hola Dina, buena revisión, a veces Layla me desesperaba con su actitud, me gustó mucho Fox. Estoy con el tercero, ansiaba leer la historia de Gage y Cybil."

Gracias, léamh! :)

message 15: by Dina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dina Jo wrote: "I started this without realising it was the second in three books. Was more than halfway through it when the penny dropped but, to be honest, I was already well browned off with the Layla character..."

I liked the first book and loved the third one. If you ever consider revisiting this series, I think you won't be as disappointed as you were with this book. ;)

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