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Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh
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Aug 18, 2009

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Book four in the "Nauti" series by Lora Leigh is "Nauti Intentions". It's the story of Janey Mackay (Natches little sister and cousin to "Dawg" and "Rowdy" from the first three books). *some spoilers*

Back blurb: "Since he saw Janey Mackay taking a dip in her bikini, Major Alex Jansen has had to quell the fire she ignites in him. Even touching her would mean death at the hands of the Mackay men. Until now, the girl of his dreams—and fantasies—has lived in a vacuum of affection, shying away from the danger she thinks men represent. Alex sets out to prove her wrong, with his tortuously slow caresses. Everyone thinks Janey's safe now, with her abusers dead. But when someone starts leaving spine chilling notes, Alex won't rest until she's completely safe. And completely his—body and soul..."

Janey Mackay has issues...lots of them because of her childhood. Her father had an incestuous relationship with his sister for decades and he allowed his twisted sister to sexually abuse Janey while he stood by and watched. Very sick demented family here. So Janey has issues. She's also had a huge crush on Alex Jansen since she was a teenager. Alex is fourteen years older than her and he's had a hardon for her since she was seventeen. For six years he stays away from her, giving her time to grow up and mature and then he comes back just in time to save her life and killer her twisted fathers lover and sister. After that he gives her a few months to get back on her feet and then he's in hot pursuit of her and will not take no for an answer. Janey wants him, but Alex isn't capable of loving anyone. (This bugged me, because there was no reason for him being unable to love. As a matter of fact if either of these characters should have love issues it should have been Janey because of her childhood.) Alex wants Janey body and soul and in return he promises her everything but his heart. That's not good enough for Janey, she spent a lifetime without love and she refuses to give up the hope of one day finding someone who will truly love her.

The love factor doesn't stop these two from having hot raunchy sex several times a day every single day. It's a wonder she could walk to tell you the truth. But while all this hot sex is going on, and Alex is struggling to figure out just what the hell love is, someone is stalking Janey and they want her gone from town or dead. Alex moves in to protect her and more raunchy sex ensues but this time someone has put a camera in the bedroom and has photographed Alex's dick up Janey's ass. The stalker then sends a close up photo of a dick stuck in an ass to Natches, Janey's brother, and disturbingly enough, Natches takes one look at (and I quote page 233) "a curved feminine rear spread apart, pink and pretty, and filled with a thick, engorged cock."- and instantly recognizes his sisters ass and Alex's dick stuffed up it. Disturbing? Yay.

So now the graphic and embarrassing photos are passed on to the police (oh yeah! Just what every woman wants, photos of her ass being fucked in a police report! And her family and friends see these photos not to mention they are all friends with the cops investigating this.) and the hunt for the stalker continues while Janey and Alex try to stumble along in their relationship and Janey tries to keep her restaurant running despite vicious verbal attacks and having a homemade bomb tossed in her apartment window. Alex's plan to keep Janey is to impregnate her whether she wants to be pregnant or not, so he refuses to use a condom and has sex with her every which way he can think up and as often as he can get her. Janey doesn't put up much fight, but she will not let a pregnancy keep her tied to a man that doesn't love her.

This bugged me, first in the apparent use of a potential child - I don't like that even in a fiction story. Secondly, Alex was a little too much for me. He was blinded by possessing her; her wants and needs didn't seem to matter as long as Alex got his way because he was sure he knew best. He was a control freak and I felt bad for Janey because she never seemed to have control of her life. From her abusive childhood, to what was done to her as an adult by her father and his sicko lover sister to her ending up with Alex. Just when she was starting out a little bit on her own she had her brother Natches and Alex bossing her around and trying to control her.

Aside from not really being an Alex fan, the story was good in Lora Leigh fashion - sexy Alpha males, hot sex and crazy lunatics.
I rate this book 3 stars for a good erotic read. If you're looking for hot steamy sex scenes you will not be disappointed in this book.

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