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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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There are good points and bad points. You either love it or hate it.
I have so many thoughts on this book but I'll start by saying.. Thank God this is not another vampire book!

Vampires have infested the fantasy/paranormal romance genre to the brink and I am tired of handsome, bloodsucking dead guys. That's right, now I'm ready for handsome, fallen-from-heaven dead guys. Or not so dead... which is the case in this book, I think, seeing as these angels never seemed to have been humans in the first place.

Nora Grey falls in love with her mysterious biology partner; Patch.
From the start he seemed fishy. But that doesn't stop her from falling for him. Nor does the fact that she thinks he's stalking her...or that strange, creepy things have been happening to her ever since he came into the picture.
And that's what seemed most crazy to me; Patch is walking, talking Danger. I get it; girls are attracted to the bad-boy types but it only goes so far before it becomes absurd.

Other than that, this book was a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed it more or less. The romance was fantastically paced and well written. The subject of fallen angels in the paranormal romance genre was new and exciting.
Just watch out for Vee, Nora's annoying sidekick who decides that she wanted to break in, and play hide-and-seek in the school building and almost gets herself killed doing so.

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Becca Fitzpatrick
“If you can't feel, why did you kiss me?"
Patch traced a finger along my collarbone, then headed south stopping at my heart. I felt it pounding through my skin. "Because I feel it here, in my heart," he said quietly.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

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