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The Song Is You by Arthur Phillips
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Jul 29, 2009

it was ok
Recommended for: no
Read in August, 2009 , read count: 1

Couldn't put this book down - once it finally hooked me (took longer than usual). Examining Julian and others in his life. Julian - waking up from living sleep the day he hears Cait O'Dwyer sing. What ensues is a professional, friendly, romantic relationship shrouded in anonymity.

Underlying theme - musics power to bring us to life - even while stealing our real life away. Ponder on this.

Things I loved! Music, music, music! Introduction to singers from the past. I loved the author's on-line link to music in the book. He actually made a soundtrack to the book. Very cool!

Also, mention of authors, photographs, poetry made me crave the full multimedia experience while reading this book. Well done.

Hinderences to this book getting a better rating: - Paragraph long sentences in the first parts of the book. (UGH!) Had to reread them, out-loud in many cases, to get the meaning and flow of the words to make ANY sense of them. I didn't notice them as I kept reading later, did he stop doing it, or did I just get used to wading through the word muck?

- Many words used that I was not familiar with - Mr. Phillips is smart by the way - is he wanting us all to know?? I faired better once I brought out the dictionary. Kind of fun to do - but at the same time, a distraction from the story at hand.

- Cussing - though relatively little of it - a positive and negative for me - used the f-word in a couple places then practically no other language in the whole book. A BIG thank you to Mr. Phillips!

- Crude sexual descriptions in several places in book. None of them meant to sexually arouse - more like grotesque ways of describing things - I have seen this with other male authors, before. For this reason ESPECIALLY, I don't recommend this book to my friends or family.
This makes me sad because I really liked this book - these things could have been so easily left out.

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