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Star Wars Jedi Acadamy by Rodney Thompson
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Jul 29, 09

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The Jedi Academy Training Manual looks to be the definitive sourcebook for Jedi and Force-using characters in the Star Wars: Saga Edition Role-Playing Game, introducing new force powers, talents, lightsaber forms, rules for holocrons, variant lightsaber crystals, alternative Force traditions, monstrous opponents and exotic locals.

The book succeeds on that front, making one of the best classes in the game even better. With this book in hand, players will be able to build nearly any Jedi they can think of, from the contemplative healer to the dedicated padawan instructor to the master of Jedi lightsaber forms. Those looking to tread the path less traveled can choose to craft Force users from ten different mystical traditions drawn from across Star Wars Expanded Universe. Players should be on their guard though, as the book also gives Game Masters cool new rules for building Dark Side weapons forged through Sith alchemy and unleashing abominations corrupted by the Dark Side.

The rest of my review is up on but the long and short of it is that the book's worth getting if you play a Jedi or some other Force user, or your a GM who wants to create Force-wielding enemies (e.g. Sith). Others can safely skip it.

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