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Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy
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Jul 29, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: psychology
Read in July, 2009

A short book with many valuable tips on procrastination.

I liked most the concept called "flow". Here are some excerpts from the book related to "flow".

- Action Orientation: Perhaps the most outwardly identifiable quality of a high-performing man or woman is “action orientation”. They work steadily, smoothly, and continuously and seem to go through enormous amounts of work in the same time period that the average person spends socializing, wasting time and working on low value activities.

- Flow: When you work on high-value tasks at a high and continuous level of activity, you can actually enter into an amazing mental state called “flow”. Almost everyone has experienced this at some time. Really successful people are those who get themselves into this state far more often than the average.

- Highest human state of performance: In the state of flow, which is the highest human state of performance and productivity, something almost miraculous happens to your mind and emotions. You feel elated and clear. Everything you do seems effortless and accurate, You feel happy and energized. You experience a tremendous sense of calm and personal effectiveness.

- More about the state: In the state of flow, identified and talked about over the centuries, you actually function on a higher plane of clarity, creativity and competence. You are more sensitive and aware. Your insight and intuition function with incredible precision. You see the interconnectedness of people and circumstances around you. You often come up with brilliant ideas and insights that enable you to move ahead even more rapidly.

- How to trigger flow state: One of the ways you can trigger this state of flow is by developing a “sense of urgency”. This is an inner drive and desire to get on with a job quickly and get it done fast. This inner drive is an impatience that motivates you to get going and to keep going. A sense of urgency feels every much like racing against yourself. With this ingrained sense of urgency, you develop a “bias for action”. You take action rather than talking continually about what you are going to do. You focus on specific steps you can take immediately. You concentrate on the things you can do right now to get the results you want and achieve the goals you desire.

- Momentum Principle: When you become an action-oriented person, you activate the “Momentum Principle” of success. This principle says that although it may take tremendous amounts of energy to overcome inertia and get going initially, it then takes far less energy to keep going. The good news is that the faster you move, the more energy you have. The faster you move, the more get done and the more effective you feel. The faster you move, the more competent and capable you become at your work.


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